10 Free Google Webmaster Tools to Catapult Your Search Rankings

 If you are like me and have decided that working smarter is better than working harder, this article is designed for you.

Google offers a multitude of free marketing tools to that can be accessed with your single Google login. After reading this, you may be interested in my massive list of 70+ SEO Tools, include other google webmaster tools.

Here is my list of ten free SEO optimization tools by Google that you should be using.


 Google Search Console

Search Console a Free Google Tools

If you are only going to make use of one tool, this is the best free Google SEO tool that you can settle on. Using the tool is comparable to servicing your site regularly. That way, you can ensure that everything is running well. It also allows you to spot issues before they get out of hand and hurt your rankings.

Some of the features of Google Search Console includes the ability to show you if your site has a manual penalty. Step one to remove a google penalty is to identify it.

You will also be able to view broken links, see the number of pages that are indexed, test your structured data or robots.txt file, and much more. It also allows you to track your keyword rankings, for free!

In short, this tool allows you to see how Google ranks your site and what it thinks could be having an adverse impact on how you are ranked in search results to improve your search engine optimization.

Google Keyword Tools / Adwords Keyword Planner

This is yet another one of the most valuable free Google tools, which you should incorporate into your SEO arsenal.  It can now be found within Google Adwords. Understanding how keywords work is fundamental in SEO.

The tool has undergone many changes in recent years. However, it remains the go-to tool for many people who want to develop a solid SEO strategy based on keyword research.

optimization search engine

Use this tool for Google keyword research

The redesign of the tool has made it more focused on PPC campaigns than the previous version. The suggested words you get initially tend to be quite obvious. However, with a bit of fine tuning, it can still be a valuable asset. You just have to know how to refine your targets so that you get only the data that matters to you. If you are having a hard time figuring it out on your own, you can rely on the advice of experts who have written extensively on this topic.

The best Free Google Tool, Google Analytics

Google Analytics Sample Graph

Track data analytics of your website

Using keyword data can be quite frustrating. However, it is still quite important to analyze your data. The analysis helps you to understand aspects of your site such as the success of your SEO campaigns, the relevance of content to your visitors and many other aspects. In fact, if you are not making use of this tool, which is one of the best google data analysis tools,  you are lagging behind the competition.

Google Analytics is a tool that has continued to evolve and provide more usefulness to the users. Though there are growing alternatives, most of them cost money; this is by far the best free tool. In short, if you are running a  website and you need to make sense of your data, this tool is a requirement for the job.

Google Trends

Google Trends Example

This is another awesome tool, which you should incorporate into your strategy. It is among a few free Google tools that allow you to compare traffic for different search terms. The tool works for geographic, historical, and other related terms. Understanding whether a term is gaining in popularity or losing is important in how you create your content.

The tool is quite useful, especially if you deal in trendy products. The best part about it is that you do not pay a dime to use this tool.

Google Trends may not always provide you with data that is immediately useful to you. However, it is still worth using for keyword research. You never know when it may help you unearth data that pushes huge amounts of traffic to your site.

Content Experiments

The tool, which was initially known as the Google Website Optimizer has evolved. As its name implies, it is now found within Google Analytics than as a standalone tool. However, it is still a great way for you to test, measure, and optimize the ranking of your site in organic searches.
The Content Experiments tool is an excellent way to determine if the goals you set in Google Analytics are realistic.

testing which page works better
The tool lets you show variations of the site to users. The tool allows you to alter headlines, layouts, color, content, and much more. At the end of it all, you collect the data and analyze it with Google Analytics.
The ultimate goal is to determine which combination works best for you.
This is an excellent way to test the waters before going all in. It applies in particular if you do not want to spend money on one on paid testing tools. With CTR becoming more relevant to your site rankings, the tool gives you an opportunity to improve your site’s ranking free. This is a handy google webmaster tool.

Google My Business

seo for small business owners

GMB Stats Interface

Google My Business is a foundational tool, which will help you improve local search visibility. It allows you to decide which Local SEO optimization techniques you need to use on your site. With this tool, you can list your business so that it appears in search results when people need a particular service in your area.

This tool lets you control the kind of information that appears in Google Maps. Additionally, it allows you to tweak how your local results appear in search results. A new feature allows you to post news updates.

Google My Business Posts Feature

Example of SEO Expert Brad using GMB Posts Feature

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Today, over 70% of searches are made on mobile devices.

Just a decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine that such a thing could have been possible. If you are interested in boosting your site’s ranking, it is essential that your site is mobile friendly. This is a directive that has come from Google, which means they use it as a factor when ranking the site. However, Google is not leaving you to figure it out on your own. With this tool, you can submit your site for free to determine if it is mobile friendly.

mobile search engine optimization tools

Mobile page speed is a Google ranking factor.

It will only take a few seconds to conduct the analysis. When you enter your URL, just click Analyze. Your site is either mobile friendly, or it is not. If your site does not pass the test, ensure that you begin to look for ways to optimize your site for mobile devices. With just a few tweaks, your website ranking on search engines could improve a lot. It will also improve the traffic that you get to the site, as Google is less likely to rank your site if it is not mobile friendly.

Google PageSpeed Insights

mobile speed test tool

Another factor that Google uses to rank your site is its loading speed. Use this free website optimization tool to tweak your page loading speed.

Unless you are trying to end up at the bottom of the SERP’s, you need to boost your site’s speed. It is among the first tips for SEO that any expert will give you. Focus on user experience and site speed.

In short, you want your site to have the fastest loading time possible. The rate at which your site loads will also affect how users interact with your site. In some cases, it can cause you to lose valuable customers because your site took a bit too long to load.

With the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, you will never have to guess if your site is fast enough. It helps you determine if the site is loading fast on all devices. If there is any delay, you will be able to notice promptly before it affects your site ranking.

When using the tool, ensure you check both the mobile and desktop speeds. If your site is loading slowly on some devices, it could affect your overall ranking. Besides that, this tool will offer you some advice on how you can fix things. Ensure that you take any tips that Google provides you seriously. Otherwise, your site speed may never improve.

Google Correlate, My #1 Free Google Tool

If you are the type of person that wants to stay ahead of the competition, you need to make use of this free tool. A solid keyword strategy is among the easiest ways to boost your site’s ranking without having to spend any advertising dollars. It gives you in-depth insight into your keyword strategy. Google Correlate is among the few high-quality tools that can help you get it right with your keywords.

example of google correlate

The tool allows you to uncover search patterns that are relevant to the real world. Its primary focus is on keyword research. In short, it provides you with keywords that are usually searched together. For instance, if you search for “weight loss,” you know that there are many keywords related to this term.

The tool shows you the words that most people use when searching for a term. That way you can develop a good keyword planner using this tool. If you would like to strengthen your long tail keyword game, this product is perfect for that. Before you write your next blog, try to work with this tool. It will help you discover unexplored angles that could be unexploited traffic goldmines.

And the Last Free Google Tool, Google Alerts

This is among the most misunderstood free tools from Google. If you do get to understand how it works, it can be useful in helping you achieve your SEO goals. The only way to learn this tool is to use it often.

One of the best ways to use it is to set up alerts for the top five competitors in your industry. This way, each time someone talks about them online, you will receive notification. It is an excellent way to work on your long-term SEO goals.

Google Alerts Set-Up

Google Alerts Set-Up To Monitor My Terms


In short, it allows you to track what the competition is doing.
That way, you can follow their strategies if they appear to be gaining on you. There is nothing wrong with following other websites that are your competition. Once you have a list of the top sources of their traffic, you can reach out to these blogs or sites and make a pitch to them for links.
By tracking mentions of your name or company, you can ask the site for a link as well. In some cases, it may even lead to a free backlink, which is important in improving your site’s ranking. Using this tool is quite easy. You will not need to study lengthy tutorials online. The user interface is quite friendly. If you think this is a tool which fits into your current business’ goals, consider making use of it. Even if it does not work out as you had hoped, it is still free. So you have nothing to lose.
google free tools

Back to you….

While it is nice to have a full array of search engine optimization tools, it is quite crucial that you understand how to utilize them. Whether you are a professional online marketer, a DIY SEO, these are tools that will prove quite helpful to you. What google webmaster tools do you use?