Google Penalty Recovery

 Have You Been Hit With a Google Penalty?

You may need professional Google penalty recovery services to regain your Google rankings.

For many years, Google has been the go-to search engine for almost any type of information. If your website doesn’t have a high ranking on Google, you will likely miss out on a great deal of beneficial traffic and backlinks. Not sure if you rank, use an SEO Tool to find out.

However, there are a warning business owners needs to be aware of. The last thing you want is to end up in the Google Sandbox. Google has been getting smarter about the quality of their search results. They are constantly at work making changes to their main algorithms, Penguin and Panda. These updates are constantly changing the face of SEO as we know it. What does this mean for you?

It means that those same SEO practices you’re using today might get your site hit with a Google penalty tomorrow. However, you can usually recover from a penalty by getting back up to speed on the new rules.

More Information on the Google Penalty System

Your website can receive two types of penalties:

  • Manual action – A site can also receive penalties from Google’s Webspam team. This kind of Google penalty is called a manual action. Upon receipt of a manual action, you will get a message inside your Webmaster Tools account. The message will inform you on why the manual action was issued and what you can do to remove it.
  • Algorithmic penalty – Algorithmic penalties are given by one or both of Google’s web crawlers. The Panda algorithm typically issues penalties for content-related issues. Penguin, on the other hand, issues penalties that are related to web spam. Unlike manual actions, you won’t receive a message letting you know about an algorithmic penalty. Therefore, algorithmic penalties are harder to spot. However, this post from Semrush contains some useful information on how to spot ranking drops from algorithmic penalties.

a line graph which has a google panda and google penquin on the 2nd and 4th dot, an example of google penalties for black hat seo tricks

Why did Google Penalize Me?

Here are a few examples of content that can cause you to receive a penalty:

  • Spammy or low-quality content aka Panda penalty – Google expects unique content that adds value in some way. A few examples of low-quality content include Scraped content, copied content and sneaky redirects. These practices can degrade the quality of your website, and Google will call you out on them.
  • Keyword stuffing – When your site receives a penalty for keyword stuffing, it means you’re using a lot of irrelevant keywords. This creates a bunch of “SEO static” that makes your website look unprofessional and spammy. For further reading on keyword stuffing, you might find this article from Google of interest.
  • Garbage links – Garbage links are links on your website that have no recognizable value. Google can hit your site with a backlink penalty for Spammy links. Suck as ones from many link directories, are a good example of garbage links. These links often point to disreputable websites and are used to boost search engine rankings artificially.
  • Malicious software/code – Placing malicious software or code on your site is a good way to obtain a penalty. In addition to the Webmaster Guidelines, Google also has an Unwanted Software Policy. Google takes security very seriously. Violating the unwanted software policy can land you in serious hot water.
  • Too many spammy or low-quality backlinks – Here is a prime example of how today’s SEO practices can get you a penalty tomorrow. Once upon a time, your website would want as many backlinks as possible. However, hackers from all over the world found ways to use backlinking for unethical purposes, including to spread malware. Nowadays, less means more when you’re looking to achieve high rankings on Google. You will get better rankings with fewer high-quality backlinks.

This is where SEO Expert Brad comes in. I provide Google penalty recovery services for business owners all over the US. I have many years of experience in helping my clients’ websites recover from Google penalties. Check out this before and after example below.

google penalty removal services

Why You Should Use My Recovery Services

Finding out exactly what Google has changed can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring a well-trained SEO professional can save you time and money. I will research and discover offending content that caused you to receive your penalty. I will work to optimize your website or remove the offending content/links to remove the penalty. With my help, your site will achieve high rankings once again.

SEO Expert Brad Can Assist

I can Check your website for a penalty.  Get your website back on track with high rankings. Let me put my 20 years of Search Engine Marketing experience to work for you. Use my Google Penalty Recovery Service; I know how to remove google penalty from your website and submit a reconsideration request.