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Grammarly Grammar Checker Review 2019

There is one program I use all day.  Grammarly software is a writer’s best friend.

First impressions are huge in establishing credibility.

Good first impressions in a written format often come from using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

From emails, articles,  blog posts, outreach for Public Relations,  to social media posts or just chatting online with a customer service representative, whether you like it or not you are judged on your writing skills. Might as well keep them error free, so your web surfers don’t leave.

More and more people are choosing email or text as communication as their preference. Whether used for business or personal use, our ever-increasing forms of written communication have made the quality of our writing and grammar usage more critical than ever.

If you are a regular writer, even if it’s a mere post to your Twitter feed regularly, Grammarly can be an excellent resource for making sure all your posts are legible and convey what you want them to say.

Your search for the best grammar checker tool can stop here.

Starting a new writing project is never easy and is often full of surprises. Grammarly’s free writing app can help you meet these moments head on.

Grammar Checking With Add-Ons and Extensions

Grammarly significantly cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend proofreading and editing your email marketing newsletters and documents. It also has several options that allow you to interact with its features for more convenience.

When you download the MS Add-in, Grammarly’s basic services are far ahead of the standard spell check and grammar check built into Word and Outlook.  In addition to the usual spelling errors and grammar catches, it will also recognize correctly spelled words used in an incorrect context, i.e., Their, There or They’re.

Utilize the Chrome or Firefox extensions and avoid one of your posts on Facebook becoming an internet joke.  With Grammarly, you will be informed in real time as you write how your emails and articles are coming along.


Grammarly Users as of Dec. 2018

Basic Instructions for Using Grammarly Software

Grammarly proofreading software provides the user a stressfree, editing experience. Follow these simple instruction to set up your installation of the Grammarly software.

Once you complete the setup log into your account using your email and password. Once you have successfully logged in, go ahead and familiarize yourself with your account dashboard by clicking on the icons located on the left side of the navigation bar.

“My Grammarly”: Here is where you can create your work or upload a document from your files to the Grammarly editor to review and make corrective suggestions. Once you use the software, your article will remain on the Grammarly board for you to revisit when needed.

“Profile”: Here is where you will view your account details or make changes with your password you can also choose your language such as Britsh English or American for your writing style, and oversee your dictionary.

“Subscription”: Here is where you will find all the vital details about your subscription, including your terms and price.

“Document type feature”: Here is where you will select what type of document you need to create. If you are writing a general style piece, then you would choose that option. However, if your document styles vary, here is where you make changes to prompt the software to format to the most relevant and accurate corrections for your individual writing style.

“Document statistics feature”: On the lower right corner of the screen you will see a score button. Click on this if you want to view a complete document data dashboard.

“Download detailed report feature” If you want to keep your detailed information, here is where you can download the report by choosing the “Score” tab at the bottom right-hand corner. Next, click the”Download detailed report” feature.

ChooseMy Grammarlyto upload or create a new document.

Click “New” and start creating your new document or you can copy the text from an existing document and paste it into the text box.

Check existing Documents For Grammar and Spelling Errors

You can also upload existing documents into Grammarly, and when you finished with editing, you can download the finished product back to your computer.

Click the  “Upload” button on your dashboard and the “Download” button on the toolbar. You can also drag and drop your finished project into the “My Grammarly” directory.

All documents automatically save in your Grammarly Editor and will be available for download each time you log in. The software will review your text automatically as you write.

If you choose the upload option, the software will make correction suggestions for grammar and spelling citations to help prevent accidental plagiarism. It will also suggest alternative vocabulary options to make your writing sound more dynamic.

If you see suggestions appear on the right, click for explanations of the errors and tips on how to correct the errors.

You can also turn categories off if you would rather not have the software make suggestions by clicking on the pen in the navigation bar and switch the option to “off.”

How to use Grammarly Chrome Extension

The first step to use Grammarly for your Google Chrome app is to download the extension.

To do this, go to the Grammarly extension then go to the official site and click  “Add to chrome.”

Once the extension installation is complete, you will find a green icon that is for Grammarly. If you don’t see the extension, then go to settings and extensions on your browser to add the extension for the browser of your choice.

Grammarly grammar checker in chrome toolbar

After that click on the icon and go to the Grammarly page.

If you have registered for an account already, all you need to do is log into your account. If not, you can create either a free or purchase a premium account.

Once you complete your registration information and choose the free version or the premium version, you will see the front page of your Grammarly dashboard.

You should see a new page that begins with Grammarly editor with the option to upload your first document.  

If you prefer,  copy and paste your article onto the blank Grammarly page, click the “new” icon then copy/paste your content onto the blank page then let the software will check for errors.

The program will automatically save your article to your “My Grammarly” dashboard.

However,  you can also copy, paste, or download your project from the menu on your toolbar.

sample shot of the extension in use checking

Built-in Online Plagiarism Detection

make sure your writing is not copied and is original

This feature is one of Grammarly’s leading features.

Especially for anyone who writes or hires writers for online content.

With the paid version, you don’t have to use a separate application to see if your material is original.  Grammarly will yellow underline any unoriginal content and let you know the source. 

It also gives you a Percentage % at the bottom of the screen letting you know how much of your text reads as unoriginal. I have found it much better than Copyscape; it is the best plagiarism checker tool. Another option is Quetext which I reviewed.

How to use Grammarly for Word

To use the Grammarly MS Word, first, open Next, open your Grammarly dashboard. 3rd– click the “Apps” word located on the left sidebar.

Here you will find your options.

Select Microsoft Office and the Grammary for Windows option. Once you click on this, the files will automatically download.

Open the “download folder” to launch the setup steps and follow the instructions.

Uploading your document

  • Select the upload option located on the left side of your screen.
  • Browse your files to find the document you want to upload
  • Select the document
  • Click open to upload the document
write unique page content

Grammarly Detects Common and Advanced Errors
When Grammarly detects errors while working in Microsoft or OX S, the original mistake shows on the left side of the screen in red, with suggestions shown in green.

Clicking on the down arrow will open the explanation of the change. When working online, an icon at the bottom of the text box will show a red dot that will take the user to a new window to make corrections.

  • Detects unclear anecdotes
  • Recommends synonyms of overused words
  • Shows explanations of grammatical rules and grammatical errors
  • Misplaced or forgotten commas and other punctuation
  • Checks for correct use of colons and semicolons
  • Passive voice alerts
  • Detects long wordy sentences
  • Highlights missing subjects in sentences
  • Very good at detecting the fundamentals of English grammar
Cons (No proofreading solution is perfect):
  • When working in Microsoft Office, all documents must be closed so Microsoft Word can reload with the proper settings.
  • Not every error is caught. Human proofreading is still necessary. Yes, you still have to check your work.
  • Suggestions are not always correct; a proposal can change intended meaning. Double check.
  • It works well for most punctuation errors, but will sometimes miss mistakes at the end of a sentence.

Grammarly Free Trial Version With Grammar  and Spell Checker

Yes, you can use Grammarly for free.

The no-cost edition is an excellent tool on its own.  Designed to identify and fix hundreds of spelling, punctuation and grammar issues it goes way past most word processor in-house checkers. 

displaying your score at bottom of page

Grammarly grades all of your document’s text.

And, it doesn’t stop there.  Grammarly can look for mistakes in context, give you options for additional vocabulary words and provide style suggestions with free grammar and punctuation check

Built by top experts in linguistic proficiency, Grammarly’s algorithms lead the way in improving every writer’s work, giving it the best chance to stand out. Without a doubt, this is the best grammar checking tool.

Should I Pay For the Premium Software Version?

Is Grammarly worth the money?

Yes. Based on my Grammarly Review I would say heck yes.

Are you a professional that produces well-written text on a daily basis?  Do you have to do your proofreading?  Grammarly Premium is a must-have.

Paid Version Features

In addition to the basic grammar and spelling error corrector the free version of Grammarly offers, Grammarly Premium account also includes:

  • Advanced Grammatical Errors in Context and more – Paid versions take these checks to the next level. Including run on sentence checker
  • Document Style Scans – Is your document for academic purposes?  What about Technical or Creative writing?  You can change the settings of the document type to let Grammarly customize its checker according to the manner of content you are generating.
  • Access Docs on Multiple Devices – When you upload your document into, you will be able to work on it from any device you’re signed in on.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus – Double click on any word to check a definition and optional synonyms to increase your vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement – Suggestions are made to vary and improve your use of a word. For example, if you repeat “simple”, it may provide better alternatives. The vocabulary enhancement feature is especially great if you are writing long content.
  • Grammar Rule Descriptions – Grammarly doesn’t just tell you that something should be revised, it also describes precisely why.
  • Emailed Statistics – Grammarly sends regular emails of your performance stats to let you check if you are improving.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Grammarly has three payment options for their premium account services.  If you want to pay as you go, the rate for the premium version is $29.95/month.

If you are looking to spend a little less, but not commit to an entire year, you can make a Quarterly payment of $59.95 for the premium version, which gives you three months for the price of 2.

If you are ready to jump in and start utilizing this fantastic program long term, you’ll want to pay the annual fee of $139.95, giving you an annual savings of almost $220.

Is Grammarly worth it?

I think you will agree after reading this Grammarly review this is a small price to pay for powerful software.

pricing of grammarly, 3 plans

Grammarly Business Edition

Is your staff is required to produce professional sounding text on a regular basis, but you don’t want to hire an editing staff?

 Now you can include all of Grammarly’s tools to your entire staff with Grammarly Business.

When you sign up for Grammarly Business, each of the team members you invite to be part of your account will also be able to download and use the add-ins and extensions.  

This way all your staff writing a blog post,  emails, Word docs and more will be legible and mistake free.

Controls and Monitoring

Grammarly Business lets you handle the subscriptions for all your staff members and lets you monitor their statistics. The onboarding process is simple to set up, and Grammarly has 24/7 support.

Privacy and Security

Admin and user management controls built explicitly for customers.

They are a trusted partnership already made use of by high-value companies such as Cisco, Dell, Expedia, and The Economist.

Cost Saving Per Person

Provide your employees with an even better price for this vital program. The cost is only $10 per user/month, lower than the per month breakdown of the Premium annual fee.

Grammarly EDU

Yep, they did.  Colleges, universities, public schools and related companies can obtain unlimited access to Grammarly.  

Site licenses including a one-year subscription can be purchased by qualifying institutions.

business options for your team

Higher Education Grammarly Students Edition

Surprisingly, almost 50% of college and university faculty members report that incoming Freshmen are not prepared enough for college-level assignments.

When used, Grammarly can work with each student to improve essential writing techniques, strengthen editing skills and avoid plagiarism.


The National Center for Educational Statistics has reported that more than 75% of graduates from today’s high schools are not proficient in the skills needed for advanced writing. Grammarly’s tools can help younger students get ready for college-level work and beyond.  Talk to your child’s school to see what they might offer to assist in preventing this growing problem.

Libraries and Research Edition

Grammarly has gone as far as granting libraries an extensive range of research and writing support.  The service allows libraries to give students immediate access to paper revision support and grammar tutorials via the library’s website. To find out how your local library can add this to their online services go to Grammarly EDU.

If you are an institution and would like to know what this addition could cost, you can fill out the form on their “Get a Quote” page for more information.

Grammarly Handbook

How long has it been since you’ve seen the inside of a classroom?  Trying to remember the exact definition of a Simili versus a Metaphor?

They have you covered.  Just go to the main page for the Handbook and find links to any info you may need regarding:

  • Check Grammar
  • Mechanics
  • Spell Checker tool
  • Punctuation Corrector
  • Style Enhancements
  • Techniques
grammar checker, I use it a lot

My Grammarly Review, I love it for error-free writing

As a wannabe professional writer accustomed to quick deadlines, I’ve found Grammarly to be an indispensable tool for content marketing and SEO.  After discovering Grammarly and everything it could do to help me, my stress level went down, and my productivity went up.

I highly recommend anyone choosing a career involving writing, or wanting to improve their written skills, start using Grammarly today. 

It will make your life, and your processes go much more smoothly!

You can get your free version: Download Grammarly 7 day free trial here.

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