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7 Search Engine Optimization Trends For 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that has become extremely important in the past decade. This is largely due to the fact that the internet has become the primary place customers seek goods and services. With so many people online today, businesses are finding that in order to survive, they have to establish an online presence for themselves.

However, just starting a website or blog isn’t enough for a business. In order to gain relevancy, you have to apply effective marketing strategies. That is where SEO steps in. Search engine optimization includes the use of implementing popular keywords into the pages of your website.

Keywords are extremely important because they not only signal to users what a site is about, it also gives a site a higher ranking in search engine results. A higher ranking leads to more user traffic, which is ideal for business.

Like other marketing strategies, this is one that is always evolving to the changes of the business world. For marketers like SEO Expert Brad, it is their job to adapt to the newest trends. Past trends tended to focus mostly on keywords, but in 2017 the trends are expected to grow beyond that. Here are just some of the 2017 trends for SEO I forsee.

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Trend #1: Mobile Optimization

People are increasingly turning to their phones for online searches. It makes a lot of sense, as phones are smaller and much more portable for carrying around. When out in public, people want to be able to easily whip out their phone to perform a web search.

Web developers are adapting to the increased mobile usage by developing more phone-friendly websites. Website owners should follow suit. For SEO strategists, this means changing the search optimization so that it attracts more mobile users. More research will need to go into the types of search engine keywords that mobile users are likely to apply.

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Mobile Optimization

Trend #2: Voice Search

Because innovations are being made to improve Voice Search applications like Siri and Google Voice Search, it is predicted that voice searches will become more commonplace for people. Voice Search innovators are looking to make technology that recognizes the user’s voice, remembers previous searches, pinpoints the user’s location, and applies personal information for a more seamless experience.

Just like with mobile optimization, voice search optimization will require more research and implementation by marketers in the coming year.

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Trend #3: Micro Formats

In coding terms, micro formats are small HTML patterns that signal information about a website. The more information a search engine knows about the website, the more accurately it can rank it. Search engines will typically award you with a better ranking if you can give an honest description about what your website is about.

Trend #4: User Intent Optimization

In the marketing world, research is still going into the intent of web searchers when they type in certain keywords. Search engine optimization isn’t just about stuffing popular keywords into your web pages. It is about integrating keywords so that your site delivers its promise to the searcher.

When someone searches for a specific phrase in a search engine, that search engine wants to give the searcher the most accurate and helpful result. For the searcher, when they are brought to the more helpful result, it gives them a good idea of who they should do business with.

Trend #5: Local Search Targeting

Local searches are especially important to businesses that rely on attracting local customers. For a dog groomer located in Texas, they want to be the first Google search result for “dog groomer in Texas”. The best way to ensure that is to optimize the dog groomer’s website to indicate where the business operates. Small businesses should be focused on local search optimization.

Trend #6: Content is Still King

Content as a strategy is already popular for marketers, and it will continue to be for the upcoming year. Producing quality, interesting content can inform people about what a website or business is about. It also signals to readers that the business cares about helping people, which is great for brand image.

For instance, a home repair business could post an article on how to clean a clogged sink. That would not only show that the repair man cares, but that they are qualified in how to clean a clogged sink.

Trend #7: Intense Competition

Online marketing is expected to become more intense in its competition. Because more businesses are coming online, this should create an environment where several local businesses will be competing with each other in the digital world as well as the real world.

Not only that, but brands will have to compete with huge corporations that have highly vetted marketing teams working for them. That is why so many smaller businesses are turning to professional marketers like SEO Expert Brad.

For those who are new to the world of search rankings and online marketing, a digital marketing firm can help you with keyword optimization, social media platforms, local research, personalization, and finding new strategies to help businesses thrive.