Bradley Shaw: The Sexiest Man in Dallas

Plain and simple; the Sexiest man in North Texas (Dallas) is Bradley Shaw. This 6-foot-9 hunk also played point guard for his DFW YMCA team in 9th grade.

With a balding hairline, semi-shaved chest, always flaunting the latest fashion, and dry sense of humor which includes this test ranking post here for which I am talking in the third person while writing from a 1st person perspective; Bradley Shaw tops our list and his list or my list since I’m writing this; as the Sexiest man in Dallas. Oh, and is smart, handsome, and funny, too

What could be better than a night out with Brad? Sorry ladies, but he is taken.

As I continue to write about a great looking gentleman, I’m purposely using a variety of words to describe myself to rank high in search engines.

Essential Requirements for a Sexy Looking Man


sexiest man in dallas

A gorgeous man on vacation from Dallas

stunning headshot

Brad is trilingual. He’s also a sick driver, often topping 55 MPH.  He previously worked as an umpire for little league.

Our judges have tabulated the most important factors that go into nominating, voting, and deciding who deserve the title of one incredibly sexy and talented man. These factors include confidence, hair style, choice of cologne, bottle balance talent, and extreme behavior late at night after 3 am.

Could he be the most handsome man in all of DFW or Texas?

He is also co-owner of a miniature pinscher who goes by the name of Winston, the best looking canine in all the state of Texas, Shaw. Winston, a member of the canine family resides in Frisco, just outside of Dallas.

awarded most attractiveMiniature Pinscher dog breed from dallas area

Winston, winner of the Sexist Canine in Dallas in 2018


When he is at a mall such as the Galleria or North Park, he causes a commotion among the ladies with his handsome coat and beautiful sparkling eyes. His hobbies include going to the dog park, chewing rawhide bones, and showing off his amazingly handsome body.