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Bitcoin ICO, and Cryptocurrency SEO and Marketing Opportunity

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Bitcoin may be the most significant financial bubble the world has ever seen.

As a digital marketer, have you considered the possible ways to capitalize on this trend?

At its current pace, Bitcoin could be larger than the United States economy in just a couple of years.

Cryptocurrency now has its own dedicated cyclical segments on most mainstream news outlets, whereas the current value is recited more often than the current price of Gold.

With Bitcoin Futures launching this evening at 6 PM eastern, the masses are now trying to figure out a couple of things:

1) What is Bitcoin?

2) How to buy Bitcoin? And it is the latter function which seems to be drawing the most interest.

For any motived online marketer, you are probably trying to figure out where you may or may not fit in. I am here to help.

Bitcoin Market Cap as of Dec 10, 2017


(based on $15,442.90 per bitcoin)

Position Yourself as a Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Marketing Agency

A quick look through Bitcoin searches using SEMRush revealed that search interest is enormous and growing. And this has anyone interested in Bitcoin SEO trying to figure out how to cash in on the potential opportunity.

“Bitcoin Price” is one of the most searched terms, alongside “Bitcoin,” as a singular instance.

With “Bitcoin Price,” the searcher is displayed a Google Bitcoin price converter which allows the searcher to see the current, real-time value, as well as convert fragment’s of Bitcoins into USD values. Oh, and you can look at the trends.

Yes, one coin, at the time of this article’s publication, is worth more than some people’s automobiles.

If you simply search “bitcoin,” that top listing is once again, this embedded Google financial converter.

A great deal of these searches are likely performed by flustered Bitcoin owners who experience Cryptocurrency exchange downtime during Bitcoin price surges.

When Bitcoin’s price flies to the moon, cryptocurrency exchanges, most notably Coinbase.com, tend to fold under pressure.

This results in cryptocurrency investors rapidly searching Google to gain some insight into what the price of Bitcoin may be.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are notoriously inconsistent, which has provided a landscape of arbitrage opportunity.

Investors might buy at the exchange which offers Bitcoin at the lowest valuation with the end goal of quickly reselling it at the exchange that displays the higher valuation.

historical price of cryptocurrency bitcoin

Average market price of Bitcoin on Major Exchanges in the last year.


However, for those who do not participate in such risky endeavors, the cross-exchange price inconsistencies with Bitcoin likely lead to a parade of Google searches from regular Bitcoin investors.

The valuable searches are likely found in the “buy Bitcoin” and “what is Bitcoin” search string web. These are people who probably don’t already invest in Bitcoin, don’t likely belong to a current exchange platform (think Coinbase) and have likely have disposable income.

Additionally, these searches do not result in a Google financial Bitcoin valuation embed, which allows for more exposure and more clicks on the results.

According to SEMRush, the difficulty rating for obtaining a relevant listing in Google for “buy Bitcoin” is 72.66; which is doable, but not a cakewalk. KWfinder has a 44.

However, I also see a ton of opportunity with keyword variations with buyer intent.

The larger, more prominent question which looms is: what the heck would I do with cryptocurrency traffic? Well, maybe, a lot.

infographic of buyer intent keywords for bitcoin

Feel free to use the infographic,  for proper attribution:
Image thanks to SEO Expert Brad


Coinbase.com is the most prominent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange on the web.

It is incredibly easy to use for the new investor, and it offers an app for both iPhone and Android.

More importantly, Coinbase is reputable and trustworthy, an essential attribute of any organization which has a primary function of accepting and holding and exchanging money.

Coinbase has also intelligently leveraged the use of a referral program to quickly become the #1 app.

This may be similar in scope to the referral strategy deployed by trading platform, RobinHood.com, which gives both the referrer and the referred a “free stock” after the referred funds the account.

In the case of Coinbase, after the referred buys $100 in crypto, both the referred and referrer receive $10 in Bitcoin value.

For the referred, this may help cover the initial fees whenever you purchase new cryptocurrency.

$10 isn’t a ton, but there may be more value in participating in a Coinbase referral program than meets the eye.

  1. Bitcoin’s value has risen more than any asset in the history of the world. In early October, Bitcoin was valued at $4100. It is now at $15,000. At such a pace, $10 could quickly become $40, or much more.
  2. Bitcoin has become incredibly popular. The Coinbase app has, more than once, been the number one selling app. However, most people are not signed up for Coinbase yet, and one has to assume that being listed on Google for “how to buy Bitcoin” could only lead to blissful happenings in this arena.

referral program of coinbase

Once your friend buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more, you will both get $10 of free bitcoin.

To my knowledge, Coinbase is the only exchange platform offering any referral program. Moreover, it should be noted, they have had their fair share of criticism.

The program at one time paid out referrals of closer to $70. Coinbase readjusting that referral payout is likely of sound business responsibility, but that does cause some concerns.

Website owners should consider the idea that Coinbase may lower it again, or just remove it once they have swollen to their desired capacity.

But that is more a comment in regards to living a life making money on the Internet, not so much exclusive to Coinbase.

As a webmaster, you are always going to have to seek out new revenue streams to convert your traffic. If Coinbase removes its affiliate program, I am sure you will do just that.


One factor favorable in the argument of Bitcoin being a bubble is that there are likely a high-volume of inexperienced investors flooding the cryptocurrency market.

These would be people who at best, have a 401k benefit from their employer, but never likely invest money into the stock market as an independent investor.

Bitcoin may end badly and leave some of these people in ruins, but the truth is, most people are not putting in more than they can afford to lose.

The process of buying Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies may well be teaching people how to use investing tools. Coinbase is merely a start; many people are eventually herded into Coinbase’s more complex investment portal, GDAX.com.

Because GDAX has lower fees, the appeal to learn the system is high. GDAX, however, is a far different beast than Coinbase. GDAX is a full-blown trading platform.

You can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, or various other cryptocurrencies, but you can also elect to create more strategic and sophisticated trading activities.

For example, you could set an auto-BUY for Bitcoin when it drops to $14,000.

You could also have an auto-SELL set for when it hits $17,000. Bitcoin’s volatility can often play into the hands of those who want to strategically take profits.

The common newbie investor is not likely to suddenly start day tradingcryptocurrency. However, their exposure to the platform could be key in educating them in some traditional investing principles.

company that markets cryptocurrency online with SEO

Investing and trading platforms such as eTrade and Vanguard might not seem so complicated after exposure to cryptocurrency investing.

The opportunity in Bitcoin’s SEO narrative might well be filtering these people into traditional investing interest.

If someone is suddenly interested in cryptocurrency investment opportunities, it is not a far cry to believe they may want to hear about the latest and greatest pot stocks.

Traditional investment news is not going to go anywhere, no matter what becomes of Bitcoin. If you offered up a Bitcoin Beginner’s guide, you could collect leads that would outlast any bubble’s bursting.

The quality of these leads would be insanely high, considering these were leads derived from people who were looking to spend disposable income on a mystery “dark-web” currency.

These are people who’d likely be primed to buy more complete investing guides. Additionally, you could sell advertising spots in your mailers for years to come.

seo keyword difficulty of cryptocurrency terms


Bitcoin is not the only fish in the sea.

Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum, the other two Coinbase digital currencies, are also gaining much notoriety.

Beyond that, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, all offering more accessible opportunities for SEO.

Here is every Cryptocurrency on the marketplace. Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you should be feeling the opportunity. Writing up guides on the less popular cryptocurrencies could be easier wins in a now highly competitive SEO cryptocurrency space.

Take, for example, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency, Ripple. Ripple just signed on to do a deal with American Express. It is a popular cryptocurrency with more experienced buyers. According to SEMRush, obtaining a viable spot under “buy Ripple” is rated at 56.00.

That is a whole lot easier than “Buy Bitcoin,” which we noted earlier as having a strength of 72.66. Sure, the volume for Ripple is lower, but the cryptocurrency space is brand new, and buyers of Bitcoin are being funneled into the lesser known digital currencies.

It should be noted, unless you are using Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin, Coinbase referrals will not be an option.

Rumors have swirled that Coinbase may take on new cryptocurrencies, including Ripple.




  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • NEO
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • EOS
  • Iota

Conclusion: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Online Marketing Opportunities Abound

Bitcoin may be the bubble that every traditionalist banker claims it to be, but that does not mean there isn’t long-term online marketing or SEO opportunity in the niche.

The fact that this genre deals with people who are willing to spend their disposable income on a volatile, highly-criticised, investment opportunity fairs well for all websites which garner promising cryptocurrency listings.

Are you are a cryptocurrency payment processor, exchange, or service provider, looking for an online marketing strategy?

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