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What you should know about Google Local SEO

Google SEO and Local SEO are some terms that I believe you’ve heard if you own an online business. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial tool in online marketing that most successful companies have adopted to fuel their product marketing. It is what will make a business appear on top searches to get the most out of sales leads, potential clients, and revenue.

Boosting the local online customer’s knowledge of a firm’s products can only be accomplished with a well thought-through strategy and a full proof plan. I can assure you that a well-executed SEO can pit you ahead of competitors putting you on a pedestal among the local online markets targeted by your company.

After doing my research, I have come up with the following observations: First, that 81% of the B2B clients begin with an online search, and for every 10 B2B potential customers, nine promise to find you when they are ready to buy. Secondly, 72% of the web users in the United States looked up products and services online in the year 2013, encompassing over 10.3 billion Google searches per month.

That’s why I’m here to make it my business to find traffic, viable sales and exposure for your business website at affordable prices.

Irrespective of how users search the internet we will point them to your site!

We understand the importance of your business popping up on top within the Google maps and the organic search results. It has become a famous avenue through which consumers find local websites that can fulfill their needs in a way that goes beyond the contemporary yellow pages.

We, therefore, offer clients with local search optimization services as a way to improve their availability in the search engines. Having been in the SEO industry for some time now, I can tell that the trend is changing and it is no longer all about appearing number one on the local searches. Google is ever updating the search results according to the user feedback and behavior to give them what they want in a quick, convenient fashion.

I have witnessed that Google, the largest search engine so far, is seeking to become more user-friendly and it displays local search results where appropriate. Google has put more emphasis on developing the algorithms of the Google Local Listings and Maps to be as custom as possible to suit clients’ needs. Consequently, it is imperative that I recommend you to act on the current changes in SEO, which is a paramount aspect of any viable digital marketing strategy.

The integration of the Google Maps in the search results may not let businesses attain the much-envied first place rank in the listings. That is why we help clients to optimize their websites to full potential eventually putting them top not just in the listings but also on the Map results too. Competition is quite high, and if I don’t recommend our services to you, someone else who maybe your competitor will get their business on top search results.

Local SEO Stats

Local SEO + Traditional SEO

In the above section, I have shown you how local search engine optimization can help improve the visibility of your business. However, I also have an obligation to inform you that it’s not in all cases where search engines display local results by default. That makes it necessary to integrate the Maps optimization and the traditional search engine optimization for better marketing results.

It would be a huge marketing success to dominate both the Google Maps listings as well as the local search results. That means that in one search query, you would get two logs for both the maps and the top rank in the search results. Usually, the number of times a domain can appear in the search results is limited by Google. However, the trick of having it both ways is to make sure the Google Place listings, as well as the usual search results, holds information of your business. That’s why I advise you to treat local optimization and traditional SEO with equal weight.

Using the SEO for Google maps can make that happen to put you ahead of your competitors in the market. Also, the standard search results displayed often draws in on some information from the Google places by default. Hence, if your rank is equally high on the Google Places listings, then the local information of your business will come to light. When we add local optimization to that, it will be like fueling the optimization attempts that’s already in motion across the board for great marketing.

Find Your Spot in Google Maps

Now that you know that it is vital to have your company local listings optimized, what follows is how to do it. Being at the helm of a top SEO company, I have a few strategies up my sleeve to optimize not only your business site but also the Google Places account used for the local listings. The strategies for local search engine optimization charges which we will provide you with will play a huge role in pushing your business forward.

There are factors to consider before choosing the local Dallas SEO services, one of which is the market in which you intend to venture. Several companies exist that may succeed in optimizing their websites for the Google places as a strategy of informing their clients that they are a local corporation. We have learned through time the type of businesses that can get the most out of local listings. I would strongly recommend SEO in the following sectors:

• Vehicle repair and mechanics
• Restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries
• Maintenance service companies such as maids and vaping services
• Medical offices and pharmaceuticals
• Construction and real estate companies
• Landscaping and photography
• Moving companies

However, these are just a few I could think of at the moment, and the list is quite long including even your business. We have a variety of approaches to the local optimization services based on the various business models. Reach us today on the phone or via mail to get our help with your business’ local optimization struggles.

As a professional Dallas SEO company, I would urge you to seek our professional services to help you cover both the local SEO as well as organic search results for your website. I have shared with you just how vital it can be against competitors. Therefore, contact me today with your business details and let us do the best in marketing your business with the best Google SEO services in the region.