SEO Expert Brad’s Testimonials

We are a law firm located in San Diego, and we were in dire need of an SEO expert. After years of working with random companies and individuals, we finally met Bradley Shaw. Mr. Shaw is one unique SEO consultant that we have worked with for a few years now. He is not only knowledgeable and experienced in the SEO marketing, but quite prompt with his service delivery as well. It is not easy to find a trustworthy SEO consultant that is willing to offer immense knowledge on the subject. Mr. Shaw, on the other hand, helped us understand the SEO marketing techniques that has helped us stay ahead of our competitors. Even with the high-quality SEO marketing strategies, Mr. Shaw offers his services at affordable rates. I strongly recommend him.

Mike Ross – Managing Partner, San Diego Law Firm

If you get the chance to work with Bradley Shaw, take it immediately. Bradley has handled our digital marketing for close to 20 months now, and we are contented with his work. He is a special SEO expert that walks the talk. I am very pleased that I hired him as the official SEO consultant for our company. He is also an interesting guy, and you will be sure to enjoy working with him. Thank you, Bradley.

Shannon Stone – Owner, Decorating Den

I’ve used SEO Expert Brad now for almost two years. The service provided has been fantastic and as stated. We moved from another SEO company’s services to Brad after having found out that the prior company screwed us with illegitimate listings. I always say now, buyer beware and always vet an SEO company you intend to work with. Brad’s work has been more than impactful, we get super beneficial sports listings. Brad’s keyword research is always poised in making sure it is a financially sound piece of the web.

I highly recommend!

Cory Hedgepeth – CHR Media Inc.

Our company was looking for a suitable SEO expert to handle our digital marketing. One of our partners recommended Bradley Shaw to us, and we have never regretted making the decision to hire him. Bradley Shaw is very conversant in the field, and he explained to us the strategies with the simplest approach possible.  We started with an SEO audit. He helped promote our brand online, and our business performed twice as much in just one year. Great guy!

John Pratt – HP Regional Director

Any business that wants to grow and survive in today’s technology-geared world must have a professional digital marketer. We are proud to have Bradley Shaw as the SEO consultant of our company. Our company has never ranked among the first three Google result pages, but Bradley helped us appear on the 1st page. We also have high traffic driven to our website, which is the major factor that helps us beat our competitors. Unlike other SEO consultants we have worked with, Bradley delivers exactly what he promises. He is a very honest guy that will openly tell you if anything is impossible. Through Bradley, we understood white-hat SEO and all the best practices. We are working with him permanently.

Calvin Jones – CEO, BugOff Pest Control

Bradley Shaw is an SEO expert like no other. While we have made slow progress with other SEO consultants through the years, Bradley came in, and miracles happened. We were hesitant to hire him in the first place, but he proved us wrong. He is proficient, fun to work with, and one of the meekest SEO experts around. If you want a professional to handle your web and SEO marketing, Bradley Shaw is the guy.

James Conan, Conan & Partners LLP

Initially, we had a particular SEO company handling our digital marketing. We worked with them for about two years and decided to find someone else since they didn’t deliver what they promised. We came across Bradley Shaw, and he did the impossible by driving more plumbing leads than we could handle. Bradley helped us stay on the front line and outshine our competitors in just ten months. The best part is that he explained what he would do to put us in front, which he fulfilled in the long run. Bradley is worth every penny, and you will not regret working with him.

Simon Carrel, Superior Plumbing

We wanted to win the hearts of the local clients as our company was still gaining momentum. Fortunately, we came across Bradley Shaw, who was our first ever SEO consultant. He helped us develop a professional website, develop our roofing SEO,  and we are currently featured on the first Google result page. Bradley managed the site perfectly, which allows us to connect with the locals and advance even further. It is exciting to work with Bradley, and he will help you understand everything in the most straightforward language.

Robert Kyle Jr, CFO, Giant Roofing

One way of making a business advance is when you find a suitable partner. We consider Bradley Shaw our business partner because he has helped our business grow. We initially started with Google Adwords, but soon decided to use his full SEO services.

Since we started doing business with Bradley, we have made a huge progress. Bradley is unique with how he handles his projects. He never quits until he reaches his objective. Also, you will enjoy his friendliness that comes along with his professionalism.

Carlton Payne, Senior Manager, Daylight Office Environments

On behalf ofWindermere Real Estate, I would like to thank Bradley Shaw for the fantastic job he did for our company. Bradley Shaw handled our digital marketing with perfection, and he did what most SEO experts never do. Mr. Shaw took us through the SEO marketing procedure, and he kept updating us on the progress. He also advised us on what to do and what to avoid for us to stay ahead of the tight competition. If you are a company {big or small} that needs the best SEO services at the most affordable prices, Bradley Shaw is the man to hire. Thanks and God bless you, Bradley.

Jacob Woodson, Founder, and CEO – Windermere Real Estate

I have known Bradley Shaw for over twenty years now, and he is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. He is a professional that is determined to help businesses grow. Bradley has been our recognized SEO expert for close to ten years now, and we are confident to say that he is a big deal. He is always there whenever we need his services, which has proven his professionalism.

Peter Blackwood, Lead Director, Werner Warehousing

Bradley Shaw is a knowledgeable SEO consultant that can deliver prompt services and improve the online presence of your firm vividly. Even with the competitive market, Bradley will help you get through and be among the top players in your niche. He is a genuine guy that will work hard to fulfill his promises and work according to your preferences. You can be sure of getting the best services when you hire Bradley Shaw as your SEO consultant.

Byron Richfield, Laptop MD