Google Penalty Recovery & Removal Services

Google Penalty RecoveryIf you run or manage an online business, you understand the importance of search engine optimization and what it can do for your profitability. The problem with SEO is that what worked yesterday can get your website penalized tomorrow.

If a Google penalty has dropped your site or blog from the first page of the search results, you need to find a solution before you lose any more money. I have created my Google Penalty Removal and Recovery services to expertly assist website owners. Although you will find an endless supply of articles and videos that promise to help you solve the problem, you will want to enlist the service of a professional.

Online marketing is my livelihood, and I invest a lot of time and effort to master my craft and to stay updated on the latest trends. Before we get into how I can help you in the Google penalty recovery process, we are going to go over one of the most notorious Google updates and some common factors to keep in mind.

Google Penguin or Panda Penalty, Hit Your Website?

Google wants the search results page to offer as much value to the users as possible, but people from all corners of the world compete to get organic traffic to their content. To stay ahead of the competition, marketers and webmasters spend a lot of resources to build backlinks with the objective of climbing to the top.

Google’s software team took action, and the Penguin update was born. While past updates have targeted on-site factors, Penguin focuses on external ranking factors, such as unnatural backlinks. If the algorithm decides that your backlinks were created only to manipulate the search engines, your site will take a hit. Have you been hit with a Google penalty?

It’s All About Link Quality

In your quest to rank your website, Google will look at the quality of the backlinks that you have generated. When low-quality sites point to your page, it creates a red flag that could cost your website its position.

If you get a lot of links from spammy sites, you will undoubtedly pay the price when the search spiders come for a visit.


Websites Hit By Google Penalties in 2018


2 most common types of Google penalties:

  • Manual action – A site can also receive penalties from Google’s Webspam team. This kind of Google penalty is called a manual action. You will get a message inside Google Search Console. The message will inform you of why the manual action was issued.
  • Algorithmic penalty – Algorithmic penalties are given by one or both of Google’s web crawlers. The Panda algorithm typically issues penalties for content-related issues. Penguin, on the other hand, issues penalties that are related to web spam. Unlike manual actions, you won’t receive a message letting you know about an algorithmic penalty. Therefore, algorithmic penalties are harder to spot.

Why did Google Penalize Me?

Here are a few examples of content that can cause you to receive a penalty:

  • Spammy or low-quality content aka Panda penalty – Google expects unique content that adds value in some way. A few examples of low-quality content include Scraped content, copied content and sneaky redirects. These practices can degrade the quality of your website, and Google will call you out on them.
  • Keyword stuffing – When your site receives a penalty for keyword stuffing, it means you’re using a lot of irrelevant keywords. This creates a bunch of “SEO static” that makes your website look unprofessional and spammy. For further reading on keyword stuffing, you might find this article from Google of interest.
  • Garbage links – Garbage links are links on your website that have no recognizable value. Google can hit your site with a backlink penalty for Spammy links. Suck as ones from many link directories, are a good example of garbage links. These links often point to disreputable websites and are used to boost search engine rankings artificially.
  • Malicious software/code – Placing malicious software or code on your site is a good way to obtain a penalty. In addition to the Webmaster Guidelines, Google also has an Unwanted Software Policy. Google takes security very seriously. Violating the unwanted software policy can land you in serious hot water.
  • Too many spammy or low-quality backlinks – Here is a prime example of how today’s SEO practices can get you a penalty tomorrow. Once upon a time, your website would want as many backlinks as possible. However, hackers from all over the world found ways to use backlinking for unethical purposes, including to spread malware. Nowadays, less means more when you’re looking to achieve high rankings on Google. You will get better rankings with fewer high-quality backlinks.


My Google Penalty Recovery Evaluation Process

How to recover from a Google penalty?

The factors that I have listed here are only a few of the things that Google Penguin will use to judge the quality of your link building campaign. Also, the examples that were listed are straightforward for the sake of explanation. In reality, what constitutes unnatural links or low-quality websites is often a gray area, and without the proper training and experience, those who try to handle the problem alone could be wasting untold amounts of time, energy and money. Penalty recovery can be a complex matter, hire a professional SEO Consultant and start ranking again!

If you want to safeguard your business and reputation, let me help with my Google penalty service. I will go through a checklist of problems that could be holding you back, but my next step will involve correcting the issues. I will take care of the search engines so that you can focus on running your business, and we can get started right away.

I am happy to answer questions you may have about your penalty issues. I provide you with a Free Custom Google Penalty Removal Report. The report alone is a $999 value. You have nothing to lose, and there is no obligation.