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Your Google My Business Optimization Specialist

Building an online presence for a local business is unfortunately not as simple as purchasing a domain and publishing a website. Knowing how to rank higher on Google Maps is a key factor in determining the amount of success you are able to achieve. I have worked with SEO and Google maps marketing for many years.

Each year there are changes to consider when learning how to rank on Google along with Google Maps. I have provided a guide below that goes over local SEO ranking factors along with what is involved with Google maps optimization. Learning more about SEO and optimization helps guarantee your business is getting the right amount of exposure online quickly.

What is Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps marketing helps promote local businesses in an individual’s area based on their own location (when it is turned on). When individuals Google places for business that fall into a similar category to your shop or the services you offer, having a higher ranking means building more leads and ultimately, more revenue.

Unfortunately, Google does not offer a simple one-click fix to boost rankings and requires a bit of in-depth training, which I am providing below as a simple guide. Understanding some of the Google Maps ranking factors is necessary any time you are working towards boosting your rating and truly making your website for your local business discoverable.

How Do I Improve Rankings When Individuals Google My Business?

Unfortunately, improving the rankings of your business on Google and with Google Maps is not one simple answer. Instead, there are a variety of factors that come into play for any chance to raise your rankings. It is possible to raise your rankings with both local and national Google Maps searches.

Some of the top methods I encourage to improve rankings for your business within Google include integrating local search engine optimization yourself into your official business listing with Google Maps, putting Google Analytics and Google AdWords to use, or using a Google Maps optimization service, which I also provide.

Developing the Right Google Maps Marketing Strategy

I highly recommend creating a Google Maps marketing strategy before you begin creating slogans or headlines to draw users into the site itself with a Google Search or when they are using Google Maps. Write a list of keywords that are most similar to your brand’s products along with specific keywords that are less likely to be filled by other Google listings.

Integrating Local SEO Into Your Official Google Maps Business Listing

Selecting the right keywords to improve SEO in your official Google Maps listing may seem challenging, but oftentimes requires just a bit of getting creative and researching your industry. If you own a local sports shop, consider specific sports or items you sell that are not generic (ie: baseball bats, basketballs, etc.). Although it is appropriate to place generic keywords into a listing, using niche keywords such as a specific type of canoe you sell is also a way to build yourself a name in your line of business.

Google Maps SEO Tips

Some of the best Local Search Ranking Factors for 2017 include choosing the right keywords, honing in on the specific products you want to promote, and sharing content with relatable titles and true value to potential customers or those who are likely to spread links you share along to others. When completing your business profile for Google Maps, include a legitimate USPS address along with details that can quickly be verified as registered to your company.

Putting Google AdWords, Google Plus, and Google Analytics to Work for Your Business

Google AdWords and Google Plus helps to verify brand authority while boosting rankings within Google itself based on keywords. Creating business accounts with Google AdWords and Google Plus that represent your company helps with Google’s algorithm to register that you are registered as a business and verified.

Additionally, using your Google Analytics account is one way to track where various sources of traffic are coming from, giving you more information on which ads and listings work best for the audience you want to reach.

Using a Professional Google Maps Optimization Service

If you are still unsure of where you begin in terms of boosting your ranking within Google and Google Maps for business, I am available to help you through the process as a professional who specializes in SEO and all Google products on the web today. Feel free to contact me so I can help you boost your rankings ASAP!

Keeping multiple factors in mind when building your Google Business and Google Maps profile is a way to surely grow quickly among competitors who have little to no understanding of Google and how rankings work in 2017. Get familiar with proper location details and keywords that work for your business in combination with positive reviews.

Positive reviews of your business can help the online traffic to your business website grow in no time! Good luck, and feel free to reach out if you are interested in knowing more regarding Google Maps services available.

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