SEO Link Building

Although Google now use more than 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring websites, hyperlinks are still one of the most important signals to maximize a site’s visibility.

We help develop your marketing & content strategy to provide reasons to earn those links. A successful campaign will build relationships, increase referral traffic and brand awareness, while improving relevancy and passing weight to the website to improve rankings.

HowSEO Expert Brad Can Help

Our link building service is the fundamental element of our SEO campaigns. Our creative team help you define your link building objectives, identify key audiences & influencers in your industry & develop a strategy to attract them through content, PR & outreach. We work alongside in-house & external content, creative, marketing & PR teams for an integrated agency approach.


Links pointing to your site are a vote of confidence from other sites and getting the right sites to link to you is crucial. Not all links are created equal though. A contextual link on an authority site is much more powerful than a profile link. We specialize in creating high quality, contextual back links that will help your site without putting you at risk for a penalty. We are great link builders but we can handle your entire online presence as well.


Great question! Whenever we take on a new project we dedicate the first few weeks to thoroughly researching your niche, your competitors, and the search landscape for your target keywords. Upon completion of our research, we will have a clear plan for your site, based upon what is working best in your industry. This approach is a little more time consuming and a lot more effective. One thing you will never see from Stellar SEO is pre-made, cookie cutter, link building plans.

Upon completion of our research and planning, we will launch your campaign. While the specifics vary, here are a few of the methods we have used to land killer links for our clients.

  • Editorial Links on Niche Sites
  • Identify Guest Posting Opportunities
  • Resource Page Outreach Link Building
  • Broken Link Building
  • Skyscraper Link Building
  • Submission Based Links (Citations, Industry Associations, etc.)

Great Content, Targeted Outreach, and a Sound Strategy: The Recipe for Quality SEO Link Building

Links are a critical part of search engine ranking algorithms and link building is essential for a well-rounded search engine optimization campaign. However, not all links are created equal. Developing high-impact natural links requires a long-term ranking strategy that prioritizes great content, strategic distribution, and targeted promotion. Together, these tactics don’t just build links — they earn them by engaging visitors and providing real value. By earning natural links with our proven tactics, your business can experience powerful results that improve your rankings and your bottom line:

Boost Search Results Over the Short and Long Term

Link authority and brand signals are considered the most important ranking factors. Year after year SEO’s come together to rank which factors have the biggest impact on search results, and every year the result is the same: links remain at the top. Google’s #1 goal is to increase the relevancy and usefulness of their search results. Over the years, they have tested changing their link-based ranking algorithm countless times, including reducing the weight they give backlinks and putting aggressive strategies in place to reduce link spam. While the latter has proven successful for increasing the relevancy of results, the former actually had the opposite effect, leading Google to conclude that links remain the best indicator of a website’s value. Based on their goals, we expect search engine algorithms will continue to heavily value natural, quality links for a long time to come.

Increase Brand Reach and Awareness

Creating engaging content and distributing it through a variety of channels not only improves links and rankings, but also boosts brand awareness. The first step in the sales funnel is awareness. Without it, there is no interest or action. Creating content that answers questions and provides real value helps put your name and domain in front of the people who may not know your company even exists. Once they see that you provide value and are associated with other brands they trust, they are more inclined to learn about your business and convert into a paying customer.

Build Trust, Authority, and Credibility

Links and brand mentions send signals to search engines and readers that your brand is authoritative, credible, and worthy of high rankings. Like social dynamics in a high school cafeteria, in order to be seen as “popular,” your brand needs to be associated with other popular brands and avoid sites that negatively impact your reputation. By understanding the types of sites that link to your content and your competitors’ content, we can create a plan for growing your relationships with other important influencers and earn links that contribute to your credibility and rankings.

Generate Qualified Search Traffic to Your Site

The old saying, “If you build it, they will come” no longer applies. Modern businesses need a smart marketing strategy with thoughtful tactics that pull in potential customers, instead of waiting for them to make the first move. Plus, you don’t need any visitors — you need the right visitors. Creating great optimized content is the first step, but without promotion and strong external authority signals, your content will never rank as well as it should. Our SEO link building strategies insure your content is getting the authority it needs to rank well and get the clicks needed to impact your bottom line.

Our Unique Approach

My SEO approach is effective and time-tested. It’s an in-depth process we have refined through constant innovation and rigorous testing for hundreds of clients over the last decade. We study search marketing every day and only use proven, future-focused tactics that will help achieve your goals today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

The backbone of your campaign is built with SEO Expert Brad’s Five Pillar Strategy, which allows us to deliver real results that positively impact your bottom line and produce measurable ROI. These pillars serve as the anchor for your customized SEO plan. With this strategy as a guide, we lay the right foundation; plan campaigns with conversion in mind; produce, distribute, and promote relevant content; properly optimize that content; and build the links that earn trust with search engines and your customers.

Learn more about the process we use to build natural, long-term links, and contact our team to see how this strategy could help your company experience strong rankings for years to come.

Step 1: Audit and Research

Every project begins with a strategic consultation and audit, where we do a deep dive to fully understand your business, audience, competitors, current state, future goals and more.

Then, we complement these insights with opportunity and market research to identify the best path forward. Throughout this research, our team intently focuses on generating ideas for content that will deliver value to your target audience. Jay Baer says, “Smart marketing is about help, not hype.” Similarly, smart link development is about creating high-quality content that helps your potential customers. The more you help others, the more they reward you with engagement, social votes, and links.

Developing this type of content requires knowing your target audience and the problems they need to solve. Using cutting-edge market research techniques, SEO tools, and custom audits, I first determines what types of content and trending topics your audience wants to learn about. We identify gaps in your narrative throughout the sales cycle and examine opportunities to motivate your readers to share, like, and link to your content.

In addition to our own audience and market research, we take a detailed look at your competitors to learn from their successes and take advantage of new opportunities. By analyzing how they attract links and areas where they could improve, our strategists make calculated decisions and fine-tune your campaign for maximum results.

Step 2: Strategic Content Development

With market and consumer insights in hand, I creates a content marketing roadmap for your campaign that drives content creation and distribution. This plan ensures all of your digital assets provide lasting value for your target audience, attract backlinks, and encourage shares over time. As we develop content, our team ensures each piece embodies the following qualities:

  • Data-Rich: Data-rich content provides websites, influencers, and enthusiasts with quantitative, practical information they can cite or source to support their point. This type of content demonstrates thought leadership and increases your brand’s perceived authority within your industry. Examples of data-rich content include guides, how-to resources, curated lists, reference materials, educational articles, visual infographics, and polls and surveys.
  • Emotionally Appealing: Content with an emotional appeal captures readers’ attention and makes them think, “I have to share this!” Examples of emotionally appealing content include entertainment-focused articles, industry expert polls and awards that play to the reader’s ego, humorous materials like e-cards and satirical memes, reciprocation, expert interviews and analysis, event marketing, scholarships, and charity/cause promotion.
  • Problem Solving: Solutions-oriented content addresses a targeted need or solves a specific problem, which compels readers to link to the content or share it. This type of information is typically utilitarian in nature, has a long shelf life and focuses on an industry audience and customer segment. Examples include calculators, tools, and widgets.

Step 3: Content Promotion and Distribution

If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? Likewise, creating great content does nothing if there is no one around to read it. Businesses need to spread the word and make it easy for people to consume, share and link to their work.

My content amplification process targets the online watering holes and social gathering places where your industry influencers and target audience congregate. By finding relevant places to share your content, we help add real value for readers, build your reputation as a trusted brand, and earn natural links that attract qualified visitors to your site.

Step 4: Monitoring and Proactive Clean-Up

Launching content is just the beginning. One of the keys to success is that we focus just as much on maintenance as we do on the initial link building. Through constant monitoring, proactive clean-up, and link reclamation, our team ensures the links you’ve already earned stay live, resulting in even higher rankings over time. We also monitor your backlink profile to watch for unwanted links or unnatural linking footprints. The internet is filled with content scrapers and unsavory competitors who are actively looking for ways to cheat the system, without proactive monitoring and clean up, it’s possible for your sites rankings to be adversely affected.

Top-Tier Tactics for Top-Tier Results

Here are just a few of the tools in our arsenal that we use to build your online authority and earn natural, high-quality links.

Guest Posting and Content Syndication

These services begin with researching your industry and target audience to create engaging, unique content. First, we locate and qualify appropriate high-authority blogs and publishing sites. Then, our outreach experts develop strategic partnerships with these sites, while our expert in-house researchers and writers craft relevant content with links back to your website.

Highlights of our guest posting and content syndication services:

  • Expert journalist-quality content that provides real value
  • Placements on the most authoritative and relevant publications
  • Multiple solutions including hourly-based and per-placement-based pricing

Business Listings and Local Citations

Whether your company is based in one location or has a large regional or nationwide presence, getting your business listed in the top business directories should be a top priority. Creating listings and local citations is one of the easiest and most effective methods to increase the trust and authority required to gain better search rankings.

With hundreds of online local directories and listings, getting your business to stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. However, there are tremendous opportunities for both local and national businesses to help potential customers find them online. With the right listing on the best directories your business can build a better online presence, increase your rankings for local listings, and attract new customers in a simple, affordable way.

Business listings and local citations lead to:

  • Improved search engine visibility and rankings for both national and local searches
  • More brand awareness among potential customers who live in your geographic area
  • Optimized rankings for mobile searches
  • Proactive brand reputation
  • Correct business information that insures your business is easily found

Linkable Asset Marketing

A linkable asset is any content placed on your website or another owned channel that will organically attract links, shares, and traffic. Promoting this content accelerates the natural linking process, so I optimizes your existing assets and produces new linkable asset content that can be promoted through targeted social outreach, social seeding, reciprocity, digital PR and paid promotion, and syndication.

Linkable asset marketing leads to:

  • Natural links from a wide variety of websites and social profiles
  • Engagement with real people, not just websites
  • Link earning that continues for the long term due to the evergreen nature of the asset
  • Opportunities to build connections with influencers and audiences that amplify your content beyond your existing connections
  • Direct search engine rankings for high volume keywords

Content Promotion and Influencer Outreach

Before readers can share your content or link back to it, they need to know it exists in the first place. Through our influencer outreach and social seeding processes, I secures placements for your content on highly visible platforms, such as blogs, social communities and aggregators, portals, and email / messaging services.

Content promotion and influencer outreach leads to:

  • An increase in backlinks
  • Exposure from top publishers and influencers who often become brand ambassadors
  • A better return on your content investments

Custom Link Acquisition

Custom Link Acquisition is an enterprise-level backlink building service that concentrates on acquiring relevant, quality links from existing high-value content. We look for the top pages and information hubs in your industry and then develop a custom outreach program to communicate with webmasters and find ways to improve their existing content with mentions of our client. This includes looking for brand and competitor mentions, broken link resource pages, list and how-to articles, to name a few. Ourexperts analyze your site and your competitors’ linking strategies to identify the best sites to target for your audience. Then, our team reaches out to the owners of those sites, establishes relationships, introduces them to your brand, and secures authoritative links to your website.

Custom link acquisition leads to:

  • Links from the top pages that are already linking to your competitors and other resources
  • Brand exposure and mentions on pages already getting traffic
  • Better rankings for target pages and increased domain authority

Media Relations and Digital PR

Journalists are under pressure to find interesting stories, and newsrooms no longer have the resources to research all the stories they want to cover. This perfect storm creates an immense opportunity for strategic SEO link building.

SEO Expert Brad knows what our contacts need and want. We provide that content and the tools that help them do their job, which helps obtain impactful media placements with authoritative, credible links for our clients.

Digital PR leads to:

  • Coverage in relevant, highly visible publications
  • Improved brand awareness
  • More links from authoritative sites
  • Increased traffic and search rankings

Link Reclamation, Cleanup, and Monitoring

The one thing that is constant in digital marketing is change. Websites change. Search engines change. Consumers change. Brands change.

Staying up to date can be exhausting, but failing to embrace and understand changes in your backlink profile jeopardizes your rankings and diminishes long-term success. With link reclamation, cleanup, and monitoring, I helps your company cover all the bases with both proactive and reactive SEO link building tactics.

Link reclamation involves identifying and correcting issues where there are links pointing to pages on your website that are no longer live. Fixing broken internal links is another form of link reclamation. It’s common for older websites to have a lot of orphan backlinks that are no longer helping their rankings. By correcting these issues we can quickly grow your authority without having to build a single new link.

Link clean-up involves removing links that no longer provide value or disavowing spammy links that pose a threat to your domain. This process requires a thoughtful game plan to ensure you avoid cutting out the good with the bad.

Link monitoring involves taking proactive steps to minimize clean-up and reclamation in the future. Our team performs ongoing in-depth audits of anchor text distribution, internal linking, and external links to ensure nothing is happening that can hamper your websites authority or trust with the search engines. When a problem is found, we quickly remedy by disavowing links or requesting webmasters remove them.

These three link building services lead to:

  • Improved authority without the cost of building additional links
  • Improved search rankings due to the cleanup of low-quality links that reduce your website’s trust
  • Peace of mind knowing your website will avoid future penalties cause by factors out of your control

SEO Link Building Myths Busted

Link building is rife with misconceptions and incorrect information. Whether you are an experienced digital marketer or new to the field, you are bound to encounter endless advice and “best practices.” How can you separate fact from fiction? Watch out for these common myths.

“I can just jump in and build a bunch of links myself.”
Backlink building is a fairly simple concept, but it takes significant time to stay up to date on the latest best practices, build relationships with online publications, and coordinate all the efforts needed to build natural links. Unless link building is your full-time job, you will likely find the process to be much more complex and time-consuming than you expected. You also risk using outdated or spammy techniques that get your site penalized.

“If I can just build the same quantity of links as my competitor I can outrank them.”
Quality is much more important than quantity. One organic, authoritative link carries significantly more weight than several low-quality links. Plus, search engines have improved their ability to spot spammy links and are not afraid to penalize sites who do not follow their rules. You need to be careful not to think of link building as a quantity game. There are very few times when a quantity strategy ends up well.

“I can hire a cheap link building company to do the work for me.”
Again you must be very careful when hiring a link building company that does cheap work. Cheap usually means quantity and that usually means trouble. The #1 reason we see companies get penalized is because they figured they could get away with cheap link building.

“Natural links are too expensive to earn.”
It may cost more to hire a trustworthy partner who focuses on earning high-quality, natural links. However, choosing the least expensive option often ends up costing even more, takes more time, and results in penalties that require additional resources to fix. In addition, one very well-done piece of content that is promoted to the right influencers can potentially earn you dozens of quality and natural links. High quality costs more upfront but usually ends up costing much less per link in the long run.

“I can just hire a good SEO guy in-house to do my link building.”
Not all SEOs are strong link builders, and not all link builders are strong SEOs. Link building not only requires search engine optimization expertise, but also knowledge about content strategy, content marketing, public relations, and more. While some SEOs have these capabilities, many do not, and they often end up doing more harm than good.“I don’t need to do link building proactively. I can just build quality content and the links will come 100 percent naturally.”
While it’s true that you need quality content to rank well, it’s also true that without promotion and active link building your content will never earn as many links and social shares as it would have. In addition many types of content do not naturally earn a lot of links. If you know how to build the types of content that influencers and link creators like to share and link to, you will see 10 times the effectiveness in your link building campaigns.

“I’m in a B2B or niche industry and it’s nearly impossible to get quality links.”
Having worked with thousands of clients over the years in just about every niche you can think of, trust us when we say its possible to build and earn links for every industry.


No. In order to rank in todays’ competitive search environment you need to first make sure your website can serve as a solid foundation for your future efforts. When evaluating your website, Google looks at several factors including:

• Site Speed
• Site Architecture
• On Page Content Optimization
• Quality of Content
• Mobile Friendliness
• User Experience
• Trustworthiness of Your Site

As a matter of fact, Google considers over 200 factors in total when determining how your site should rank. Our team is familiar with all of the elements needed to develop a rock solid online presence.

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