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Dallas SEO Services by SEO Expert Brad

A city the size of Dallas Texas creates unique and exciting challenges for an SEO consultant going up against all the big Dallas SEO Companies. A highly competitive landscape requires highly skilled and personalized service. The key to successful Search engine optimization in a hyper-competitive market is not only having your business rank high in search engine results, but also ensuring that it stands out from the crowd.

No matter what online SEO marketing you require, I can provide the service and meet or exceed your expectations.

I have done SEO on hundreds of sites and delivered tens of thousands of keywords to first pages to our clients. Whatever your industry I can assist. People have called me the Dallas SEO Expert, and it stuck over the years.

In fact, I rank on the front page of Google worldwide for SEO EXPERT. Little ole me, versus these huge agencies and teams.

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Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

I have helped Doctors, Lawyers, Dog Groomers, CPA’s, Lawn Companies, Pool Companies,  eCommerce sites, you name it I have dealt with it. My e-commerce website did over $150million in sales from 1997 to 2009. I retired at 36 that lasted two years until my wife sent me back to work.

Why choose me over a prominent Dallas SEO Agency? A personalized experience,  ethical practices, you are not offshored overseas. I personally handle all aspects of your project and marketing strategy

Rankings for a local search client, a DFW bbq catering company:

Sometimes I even give free advice. Why would I charge someone when they already have a tremendously strong site, but one small yet significant technical error preventing them from ranking? Sorry, I am honest. I know, it is rare today.

But I have already had the mansions and Ferrari’s. With that said, true SEO is not cheap. Every business owner finds out. Eventually, you get what you pay for.  If you want to go cheap, or cut corners, you can exit here.

The SEO Business in Dallas and Beyond Lacks Integrity

I do not believe in BS sales tactics, guarantees, lies, false promises, etc. Sorry I have integrity and shoot straight. Call it customer service. I guess you can say I can afford to have integrity. I also own a web design company, although it is a common scammy and unethical practice to sell a new website to every SEO client. I try to avoid it at all cost.

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Happy DFW Online Marketing client.

Links are still the #1 ranking factor in Google. But all links are not the same.

Everyone else calls it building links; I call it begging for a penalty.

Many in Dallas SEO community are well known for using artificial schemes to rank clients…. temporarily. Do you want your business to disappear from Google overnight? I get calls every week from distraught DFW business owners. I would never jeopardize a clients business, period.

Digital PR is the future of rankings; I just happen to be well ahead of the curve. In fact, look why this website ranks. Digital PR.

I use my media contacts and do true PR for contextual high-value assets for my clients.

The example below is a large Dallas tech company, one month of PR. Yes, that is a link from foxbusiness.com. No team, just Brad.

google rankings cant predict the future

Personalized Local Dallas Texas Search Engine Consulting

Local search aims at offering higher rankings to your business in the local area searches for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search engines are becoming MUCH more focused on where the search is coming from and directing the customer to local matches. Like it or not, outside of links, the location of the searcher (in proximity to your business) is the primary factor in Local SEO.

Say you are in Dallas, TX and search for dentists, Google algorithm will present you with dentists “close” to you.  My SEO services include keyword research, website markup, technical SEO, Online PR (everyone else calls it link building, they are living in the past), discount web design if needed, and local directory and citation submission. I have all the experience and tools that will ensure your business ranks highly in searches.

How Online Marketing Will Grow Your Business

There are many approaches when it comes to SEO; my formula has 20 years behind it and countless search results. Over $150 million in online sales in fact.

Here’s the game plan:

Professional Audit

My SEO audit gives us all the intel I need about your website, business, and industry. From there I prioritize what actions will have the most significant impact on your business.

Address Issues and Fix

If I identify technical issues that may be hurting User Experiences, I fix them. Ensuring that your users love your website are a priority.

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Dallas Skyline From Reunion Tower

Keyword Research by a Dallas SEO Brad

The second step of my process is to identify keywords and content ideas. I use over 20 different techniques for finding ideas that your customers care about. Keyword research is vital; it’s pointless to target terms that people are not searching for. This is a common mistake. Did you know 3x more people search “catering Dallas” then “Dallas catering”?


After I have identified hundreds of content ideas, I craft beautiful content assets. Our content comes in many forms including infographics, roundups, guides, lists, and many others. Every single piece of content we create is designed to attract traffic to your website.

Promote with Organic Internet Marketing

Creating great content assets is only the first step. People need to see your content. I achieve that objective by prospecting for relevant opportunities, reaching out to those opportunities, and securing you quality backlinks. Backlinks are the fuel behind every successful SEO campaign, and I am the master at acquiring them.

Strategic Local Digital Marketing Consultant, a Real Dallas SEO Company

With over twenty years in the online industry, I have vast experience in the following:

  • Organic Search
  • Local Search
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Web Design services available

My unique approach focuses on your goals rather than what individual avenues used across the marketing channels work for others. I create digital marketing strategies that offer a range of multiple techniques to achieve your goals.

Whether your brand needs eCommerce, lead generations, traffic driving, engagement, or a little of each, I will always be upfront and honest. I start with what needs attention instead of worrying about what will not work for you and your company.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC enables you to establish high targeted ads with calls to action and messaging personalized to a precise point of users venture.   

grow your texas business

Dallas SEO Company, or Brad?

It’s not just about ads, though. Strategies such as creating user-friendly, relevant landing pages assist with creating logical journeys throughout your site which make buying easier. Such as, if you know what you already want, would you want to scroll through an entire site or go right to the correct page?

Social Media Targeting DFW

Social media is a more significant platform for sales than what most realize. Social media rocks at stimulating sales. Whether by placing engaging content that I know readers will enjoy or by generating the first click, I target users with something useful.  

No need to stress if you don’t see an immediate purchase. Consumers are prone to looking around before making their way back to another source. I am huge on testing! Enticing the right audience, content, and strategy takes time. I am optimistic about your eCommerce success.   

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Picture in your mind the idea store on a busy street. Now, add a bunch of brush, trees, and construction material in front. The only people that would know your business was there would be able to locate it; to all others, you’re out of site-out of mind.  

Having low search visibility on the web is just like this scenario. Strong SEO enhances your sites ability to appear in search rankings for terms linked to your service or products. Knowing what terms are the best is no easy task. I can help.

Content Optimization Services

Content may seem like the last ally to draw in consumers to increase sales, but trust me, it’s a tremendous crucial player. Having functional and engaging content at the main navigational areas of your site will make all the difference in increasing sales.

At the critical phase where a user decides to make a purchase, the language they encounter is essential. From the adjective you emphasize on to the verb you use as your final call to action, each plays a massive role.

Serving all areas of DFW:

  • Bishop Arts District
  • Deep Ellum
  • Knox-Henderson
  • Lakewood
  • Lake Highlands
  • Oak Cliff Oak
  • Park Cities
  • Preston Hollow
  • Turtle Creek
  • Uptown
  • Victory Park
  • West End
  • Fort Worth

Do you want to work with the best Dallas SEO consultant?

Sorry, I do not take all clients. I am selective and only work with Dallas companies that share similar philosophies and feel I can help increase the customers revenue. Google is a marathon, not a sprint. LONG term,  the best, most authoritative content-rich website wins.

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