Best 101 Internet and Digital Marketing Blogs of 2019

I have always believed that knowledge is power. In fact, I try to dedicate about an hour day to what I call, continuing education.

To be successful marketing online, it is essential to stay updated with the industry’s latest trends and customize your strategies accordingly.

I have assembled a list of 101 Best digital marketing blogs that should be on the reading list of every online marketer and SEO professional.

Have a look at them, and see if your favorites made the cut. Have any suggestions or want your blog considered? Just contact me.

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Best Online Digital Content Marketing Blogs

1. CopyBlogger

CopyBlogger is one of the leading content marketing platforms that every content marketer will want to add to their favorites. The layout is a step by step guide to boost your business online.

The best thing about this blog is its simplicity. It teaches you to create, post your content at the right time,  and in the correct manner without overburdening yourself.

CopyBlogger ensures that all your myths about SEO are gone and makes you a believer again. It gives you a complete understanding of how to post your content.

Further, it also spills beans on how to keep the audience glued to your content just by making it more appealing and user-friendly.

2. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a guide that helps the readers make money online using its great tips. The content gives tips, advice, and tutorials about blogging trends followed lately.

Problogger helps individuals learn the skills of marketing. You don’t have to search hard to find articles on how search engine optimization interest online marketers.

This platform covers topics like content, SMO, local search engine optimization, Penguin penalty, and SEO, which are all essential to increasing traffic to your website.

Since the theme centers around blogging, you can get great ideas on creating content to draw more visitors to your site. That in turn, improves your sales and helps you make money in the process.

3. Content Marketing Institute

With a mission to advance the practice of content marketing, this blog first started as Junta42 in the year 2007. Joe Pulizzi began the Content Marketing Institute when marketers needed better education in marketing content online.

He believes that with this platform, he can help brands market themselves better.The blog help brands in attracting new customers.

It also helps in retaining the existing ones through the multi-channel and compelling storytelling. Even the readers, who are beginners in the area, find useful.

And, that is because of the posts related to content marketing steps that you could take to take your business to a new level.

Readers look forward to the blog as they get concrete ideas about the latest content strategies and examples that passed the test of time.

This is my go-to content marketing blog.

4. Convince and Convert

Convince & Convert is considered as one of the best content marketing stages. It acts as a digital marketing advisor where you can learn a lot about digital advertising.

Readers love the blog as the posts are short and written in a lucid and straightforward language. The site helps you create content that draws the attention of the customers. Thus, helping you improve your business.

You also get tips to find out how you can modify your existing content by thinking out of the box. You will be guided to incorporate innovative ideas into your marketing plans, to make them successful.

Strategic advising is where the post aims. You get help with establishing user experience and digital marketing tactics.

Also, you will gain insight into how to convert the visitors into customer and retain the existing customers by offering them the best solutions.

5. POST-Advertising

There are three essential parts of POST-Advertising blog.

They are Story Making, Story Finding, and Story Living.

When it comes to advertising, the task is tedious.

It takes quite a lot of time and effort to produce the right content and make it available in the right way to the right readers.

After posting an advertisement, the work does not end there. One has to ensure that the right people see the content of the ad. Further, the audience should give it the appropriate response.

There are some of the essential elements that this blog places its focus. First is story finding. After the creation of a brand, the next step is promotion via a blog or a post, to public online.

They need to have the appropriate content which gives out the relevant information about the brand in a subtle yet impactful way.

The next stage is the story making. It is the process of creation of the content. Finally, comes the third stage, story living. Story living is the third and the final stage of Ad posting.

6. Seth’s blog

Seth’s blog authored by Seth Godin is one to add to your favorites. Business Week called him ‘the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age.’ He has written ten books, all of which turned out to be best-sellers.

His books, as well as the blog, aim to create a positive change in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing.

People who are lazy to keep reading big posts and articles find his blog posts great as these are mostly short and sweet. But, he makes sure that the posts contain powerful messages that help online marketers and people in business alike.

He mostly concentrates on basic concepts of business and marketing in his writings. He intends to help people start a successful business.

Seth’s power-packed posts have inspired many people to take the right steps in their business and take it to new heights. Readers stick with him due to his simple style of writing.

7. TippingPointLabs

Due to being a content marketing agency, the blog’s primary focus is on digital marketing and its development.

The whole idea behind online marketing is building engaging content. Content that can lure the customers to the product available and can have a positive impact on the viewers.

That would include creating awareness, transforming leads into customers, rewarding loyalty, and the likes. The more unique your content is, the more viable it is to be sold to the public.

That is precisely what Tippingpoint Labs tries to convey using its exclusive content.

8. The Copy Bot

If you are looking for some excellent web writing advice then, The Copy Bot is one of the right places for you to step in. It doesn’t brag much and gets you right into the business.

It lists some links that open up to relevant posts carrying the best guide on different topics and concerns related to writing online.

The posts are in reading, writing, copywriting books, how to write killer content, copywriting formulas, offbeat posts on writing and much more.

The material is loaded with ideas and techniques never thought of before which you can put to best use to fulfill your aim.

9. Scripted

Scripted is the one-stop solution for all content writers and content marketers. When considering online marketing in today’s concept, content is the key.

Building useful and productive content can draw a high Google search ranking. For one, it deals with marketing strategies in small businesses to bring in responses to online advertising.

It also includes the importance of technology in digital marketing. One crucial concept covered in the content here is proofreading and the future of copywriting and copy editing in content marketing.

10. Sales Lion

A website owner has one of the priority tasks of acquiring the right traffic to the site and ensuring best optimization of the search engine.

The content should be for reference that can guide you in the best way by bringing home the best-researched methods.

A lot of time is required to research and understand the process, but Sales Lion does it all for you in a simple, lucid style for anybody to understand.

You will know how to improve sales, marketing, and video communication through the content marketing consulting, HubSpot training and workshops.

Top Online Marketing Blogs

11. WebInkNow

WebInkNow is a blog that has a clear idea about the various marketing and sales strategies. The content here is regularly updated and optimized by conducting a timely survey of the market.

It, thus, serves you the fresh content always. The host takes into account the various events across the world. How the different companies have made their impact on the market by their strategies.

The Speaker, David Meerman Scott makes it a point to share all that he knows about marketing to the readers in the simplest way possible.

12. Duct Tape Marketing

In this world of big brands and names, it becomes a very tedious job for small businesses to stand out and make their point. That is where Duct Tape Marketing comes to your rescue.

Duct Tape Marketing is a tailor-made blog for people who are just starting up or, own a small-sized business.

The best part of this platform is that it keeps you updated with the latest industry’s advancements. And, at the same time, keeps you on the same page when it comes to best content marketing practices

13. Occam’s Razor

The Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik covers digital marketing and analytics. It also sheds light on qualitative analysis and the similar kinds of information.

He has been trying to give a marketing motivation to the readers. He ensures that the readers receive the best of his knowledge in the most natural way possible.

He also talks about web metrics, web tools, competitive intelligence analysis, and other analytic techniques. It gives the readers complete knowledge of the various visual analytic methods and similar information.

The blog speaks all about digital marketing and the personal experience and observations on various situations and problems in digital marketing.

This platform is a perfect match for readers who are willing to understand more about digital marketing and other techniques.

14. Fresh Mail

Fresh Mail is one of the easiest and the best content posting and campaigning websites. It helps individuals or companies to make the best out of their marketing strategies.They assist the various businesses to create a real and powerful campaign in multiple ways. They have campaigning strategies such as text messages, autoresponders, transaction emails, and the like.

If you have a newsletter of your own, Fresh Mail can send them to the subscribers from anywhere at any time. You just need to provide the details of your subscriber.

You can subscribe the website for free and carry on with your activity without worrying the slightest about managing more and more subscribers.

You can promote your business by additional emails and the occasional campaigns.

15. Wishpond

Wishpond is a perfect blog to follow if you want to keep yourself updated with latest guides on digital marketing.

The material covers everything from social media to site optimization, email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation and others.

The platform publishes latest industry updates around five times a week. It relies on long blog posts, thus providing a comprehensive coverage.

16. Digiday

Digiday is a highly informative place where any person can take guidance to become a digital marketing expert. There are a lot of posts from PPC experts.

A variety of posts are accessible that deal with different ways to make most of the online marketing arena by bringing you the most relevant and up to date information.


This blog covers everything related to marketing and advertisements. The Afaqs features some excellent articles from industry’s experts and guest authors.

The main aim of the material is to keep the readers updated on the recent branding strategies being adopted by various brands, and how you can use them to your advantage.

18. PSFK

If you are looking for some technology-focused know-about, this is a blog to read. It is one of the best online marketing platforms and provides real insights on tech and gadget coverage. The PSFK  is an excellent technology-focused platform that predicts the future of the industry. It keeps you well–prepared for the upcoming changes.The Bookmark is a name that is recognized worldwide when it comes to marketing. This company has done quite well regarding global marketing and using creative and innovative strategies.

They have an excellent track record of initiating interactive sessions with customers. They promote sales of companies, and in turn, create better brands, time and again.

The company takes the consumer’s perspective into account and ensures that the marketing strategies are foolproof and updated.

Their strategies are recognized and spread worldwide in many different countries and individual languages. They have a user-friendly landing page and are very prompt and adaptable with their services.

19. Growth Hackers

This blog provides a great platform to collaborate and get inspired to create growth marketing campaigns. Growth Hackers features about 12 new posts every week.

The posts are intended to help grow your business by framing the best plans for online marketing. Sustainable growth is what every company aims for, and this is what Growth Hackers supports too.

Joining the community helps you share, connect and learn with growth experts from the across the world.

It motivates the readers and marketers to try and experiment new tactics that take their business to new levels. That can be done by taking up new initiatives and tracking the progress regularly

20. ClickZ

ClickZ team find the drive from a reliable content strategy. They post everything about digital marketing, latest innovations and the tools and trends in the field of technology at present.

They are made up of a fresh group of techies who found something they love doing.If you are interested to know anything about any recent establishment in the field of technology, you can depend on ClickZ for their review.

They provide their analysis in such a manner that you are sure to find everything about the latest trends in the technology at any time you want with maximum ease.

The best thing about this forum is that they are open to comments on all their posts. Be it negative or be it positive, they will accept it and try to incorporate it into their future posts.

They value the comments and the views of their readers. Hence, it is a liberal and open forum.

21. Influence&co

The Influence&co team is known for their creative and quality content. They extract knowledge and information about each brand in a strategized manner.

That does not just make the work enjoyable and easy but also makes the content useful and exciting. Their team exceptionally extract the material from the readers and get the most out of it.

This blog makes use of the readers’ knowledge creatively. They collaborate with the customers themselves to give a state of the art content for companies individually.

22. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Blog

HubSpot marketing blog focuses on marketing and strategizing to promote brands. It makes the most of the small scale as well as large scale businesses by promoting them online.

In addition to its software, Inbound, the blog of HubSpot is value driven. It provides useful insights on inbound marketing. Further, you can also enroll yourself in the inbound marketing training provided.

Hubspot is a platform that started in the year 2004 to help people out who are looking for reliable products and services. The team understood that ordinary person hates being harassed by online marketers.

So, the posts published on Inbound were intended to make the process of sales and marketing human. They urged the marketers to treat the buyers as people and not numbers on a spreadsheet.

The subjects covered in the content include SEO news and analysis .The platform focuses on giving the latest news and suggestions on how to stand out in the competitive market.

Inbound motivates people to achieve their business goals more intimately and equips them with confidence to perform well in the field.

You can follow this platform if you want to make use of the right tools to turn your business dreams into reality.

23. Get Elastic

Get Elastic is the #1 ranked Ecommerce blog and an award-winning publication in online marketing and commerce.

25. Marketing Land

As the name suggests, you will get coverage of the detail about the digital marketing industry. The content includes feature announcements, breaking news, industry trends and such. There are articles written by experts in the field of digital marketing and the related areas that interest marketers.

If you are looking for an online marketing blog, you found it. You can expect tactics and practical tips that will help you boost your marketing efforts.

As a reader, you can have a look at various strategies that can become part of your marketing plans.

One advantage of following Marketing Land is that you get timely updates on SEO, social media,  content marketing and more.

26. Econsultancy

Econsultancy aims to help customers achieve excellence in digital business, marketing, and e-commerce. The blog sheds light on the different aspects of digital marketing as well as other industries connected to it.

Many successful brands and marketers keep a close watch on the blog to improve their marketing strategies, enhance performance and thus attain improved results.

The topics discussed include networking, application of best practices, strategy setting, and planning that helps boost your business.The readers who are new to the field can also benefit from it as the blog explains everything from scratch.

The blog provides practical advice to the marketers to add innovative ideas to their plans so that they can reach the maximum audience. The unique thing about the blog is that any business, whether B2B or B2C would find this blog useful.

27. Event Mb Blog

In the year 2007, Julius Solaris started the blog, Event MB. It is a platform that event professionals love to follow.

It focuses on technology, trends, innovation and education for the event industry. You can also find posts that help improve your internet marketing.

Marketers must follow this blog as it contains a lot of information on the latest trends in the industry. It also supports the event startup community with an aim to promote innovation in the industry.

As the first online resource that provides all the event information at one place, the posts are a result of intense research done by experts.

An annual report is released every year to outline the trends of the current year and the year to come which is of great use to readers across the world.

28. Marketo Blog

Marketo is the perfect blog for marketers. It contains a lot of information that is usable in various fields. It provides information on the best practices and the latest trends and strategies in B2B marketing.

The content categories are in different sections like account-based marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, and email marketing to name a few.

It is easy for the readers to find and read the posts that pique their interest. Leads are what online marketers seek.

Marketo helps you increase your leads and turn the prospects into customers. It also enables you to maintain healthy relationships with the existing clients.

Marketo also has a marketing automation platform. It is particularly useful to online marketers. With the help of this platform, it is possible to develop campaigns and personalized multi-channel programs to attract customers.

29. Wpromote

You might have heard about Wpromote blog if you are into digital marketing. Being a well-known name in the field, Wpromote provides services to high-profile clients to improve their online marketing strategies and tactics.

Readers follow the blog due to the valuable suggestions offered by the expert writers of the marketing industry.

The content provides advice and the latest news on a variety of topics like social media marketing, SEO and Google Analytics.

It inspires the marketers to take the right decisions to ensure a successful marketing plan. The writers have gathered vast knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of digital marketing and search engine.

The material reflects their innovative yet straightforward ideas on how to be a pro at marketing. The posts are helpful for both beginners and marketing experts who are in search of new ways to help their business grow into something huge.

30. Social Beat

Social Beat provides valuable information, no matter, what your niche market, domain or the industry is. The blog is geared towards entrepreneurs who are new in the industry and want to establish themselves.

It is easy to follow and provides easy to follow insight and strategies for businesses online. The best part about this blog is that it contains a lot of goal-oriented approach and ideas, thus making it a perfect companion.

31. Adweek

Adweek is another blog which must be on the to-read list of every digital marketer. It covers a range of aspects including marketing, media, and others.

It is a perfect blog for content creators. CMOS, agency heads and everyone who is involved with digital marketing in one way or the other.

The platform produces some insightful posts around 80 times a week. Their team makes sure that you don’t miss even a minor update in the digital marketing industry.

32. Impact

The Impact is an inbound marketing blog and provides valuable insights on stuff related to SEO, lead generation, social media marketing and others.

The in-depth posts are easy to follow and help you master the inbound marketing techniques on the go.

33. Wistia

If you want to engage your readers through power-packed videos, this blog is for you. Wistia delivers appreciable video marketing tips and helps you reach more audiences.

Although it publishes just two posts per month, however, they are worth the wait and contain some actionable insights. Further, since the documents are not posted frequently, it makes sure that you don’t miss any of them.

Wistia is a perfect guide for both novices and experts alike as it covers everything from scratch and takes it to advanced level.

Analytic Based Marketing Blogs

34. Online Behaviour

Owned by Daniel Waisberg, Online Behavior helps you understand how your customers behave online. This is very important because understanding the customers is the first step in taking the right actions to boost your product or service.

The blog speaks about topics like conversion optimization techniques, web analytics, and marketing measurement. Here, you can find a wide variety of successful strategies that help optimize your site.

Online Behaviour includes articles from guests that provide insights into optimization techniques that you rarely find anywhere else.

Marketers greatly benefit from this platform as they get ideas to test their website and understand the factors affecting user experiences. Ultimately, what they need is to optimize the traffic to their site and make new customers and retain the existing ones.

35. Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a blog owned by Kunal Jain. He is a post graduate from IIT Bombay. He is an expert in the field of business analytics.

Hence the reason it has a tagline ‘Learn everything about analytics.’ Analytics means extracting useful information from raw data. This platform helps marketers get this information and convert it into valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Kunal believes that the world will be in need of more analytics experts in the future who can analyze the big data to make effective decisions. So, he shares his learning and tips through his blogs.

The content includes training and tutorials on analytics, tricks, and advice on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics tools.

You will also find case studies of various problems and their analytical solutions and interviews with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics leaders. Be a regular reader of the blog if you want to excel in cutting edge Analytics.

36. Analytics Talk

Analytics Talk is a blog started by Justin Cutroni who is the Analytics Advocate at Google. So, you can entirely rely on the information provided by him on the subject.

Google Analytics is a great tool that measures your performance in the digital world. Getting updated data about your performance can help you make improvements in your business.

Marketers find the content useful as they get a fair idea about how Google updates affect their area of work. There are many posts that cover topics like cohort analysis and universal analytics.

Since the theme is mostly dedicated to analytics, it gives additional tips on Google Analytics customizations. This gives you access to more data that helps optimize your business and thereby increase customers and sales.

Adding personalization increases the value of Google analytics. Hence, the blog has custom dashboards, analysis reports and special implementation techniques to help every online marketer.

37. Google Analytics

This is the official blog of Google Analytics. It updates the readers about feature improvements, conversions, and social media and includes case studies of Analytics users.

There are posts that explain strategies to optimize Google Analytics. They give innovative ideas to analyze your marketing tactics and reach a wider audience.

The posts outline how to turn audience insights into action and deliver better customer experiences.The team behind the blog is keen on answering your questions related to Analytics.

You can also find specific recommendations to improve key metrics. These suggestions prove useful to frame campaigns that benefit businesses. The primary goal of the blog is to reach more people faster.

It also focuses on creating richer experiences that make the customers happy and also help grow your business in the process.

38. Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World is considered one of the leading news sites and blogs in the area of analytics. It is owned and authored by Jump Digital. It features tool reviews, current analytics news, insights on online digital marketing and video guides.

There are posts that offer excellent tips on UTM tags, custom reporting, exit pages and bounce rates.The specialty of the content is that you get every data regarding digital marketing and internet issues in a friendly and lucid language.

This makes Web Analytics World a much-loved one among marketers.

The articles provided are delivered in a business-friendly manner. The team believes in providing value to the readers more than anything else.

39. MarketLytics

MarketLytics is a digital analytics blog started by Hussain Mehmood in the year 2010. It mainly focuses on Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics strategies, guides and case studies.

The team behind MarketLytics has seven years of experience in the field of digital analytics. This is one reason why startups and other businesses should follow this site.

Having vast knowledge of analytics tools and mobile and web platforms, it delivers practical solutions for technical problems. MarketLytics makes sure that the insights reach the right people faster.

The owner of the wite works with an efficient team that specializes in analytics engineering, development, and analysis.

40. Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is a leading blog that addresses many issues in the Business Intelligence industry. Topics related to BI are covered in the posts that prove helpful to beginners as well as advanced BI analysts.

Their strategy revolutionizes the way the users visualize, access and present their data. The mission of this goal is to provide an enterprise analytics platform.

Pyramid Analytics aims to help users with the power of analytics wisely, be it expert analyst, IT professional or business executive.

The writers create innovative ideas in the most user-friendly language. Benefiting small, medium and large company owners alike is sure. The posts provide great insights.

Pyramid Analytics has helped many organizations improve their performance and business. From the day it started, Pyramid Analytics has given importance to making analytics universally valuable and available.

Today, hundreds of countries rely on the information provided by the blog to move their business forward.

41. Sap Analytics

SAP is a business software company, and its blog is equally good. Following the steps, Sap Analytics gives you access to about seven new posts per week. The mission of the writers is to use their business and technological know-how to make the world a better place.

The company is keen on developing innovative technologies, and the information is shared through the site to help educate the readers about them.

The posts help companies revolutionize their way of operation. The team behind the scene researches different subjects and shares it with the readers who are waiting enthusiastically for each update.

42. Daily Egg Analytics

Daily Egg is a part of the Crazy Egg Blog, which is heat map software. The Daily Egg is the content machine. It provides enough resources to allow clients to get better results for their searches.

The Daily Egg Analytics provide posts, tutorials, and webinars for starting entrepreneurs to help them make it in the business world. It also helps in getting higher conversions by giving tips on conversion rate optimization.

Daily Egg Analytics aims at providing information in a suitable format, whenever required. It helps one visualize their visitors and offers the best information.

The platform aims to help digital marketers, designers, and web managers by keeping them up to date with all essential trends of the market on their analytical archives.

43. Calculated Risk

Bill McBride, who owns the blog Calculated Risk, is a full-time writer. He has a background in finance, management, and economics. You can consider Calculated Risk as the best economics stage.

It provides the best and concise summaries of all the vital economic data and developments. Bill is very efficient in the field who knows what data should be given priority than others.

The unique thing about this is that he warns the readers about the upcoming economic events and helps them stay alert. Readers vouch that following him has helped them stay informed about the developments and take right decisions at the right time.

Internet marketers who want updated information on data releases and market developments would find this information highly beneficial.

The popularity of the material is due to its profound coverage of every event in the marketing world.

44. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a blog about analytics, testing, and marketing. The founders believe that to ensure a rich user experience, it is necessary to know what the people want.

The detailed posts are created around timely and relevant content. The site is equipped with the right tools and support required by marketers to draw customers to them by delivering great user experiences.

Kissmetrics specializes in data-driven marketing.The team analyzes the statistical trends and help businesses understand their online performance.

The posts are useful to improve the online marketing strategies. The marketers vouch that the posts assist them to make-take practical decisions to improve their marketing plans and thus achieve the marketing goals.

Kissmetrics is aimed at optimizing the growth of any business. For this, you get tips to track and analyze how you are performing in the world of web. You can then use the ideas offered to better your tactics.

Best SEO Blogs

45. Moz blog

If you are into search engine optimization, then Moz blog is for you. It is co-founded by Rand Fishkin. Moz is focused on making the web a better place by explaining SEO in simple terms.

For a website to be successful, it has to be in sync with the current trends and expectations of the users. Therefore it provides knowledge about how to include the most engaging web content so that visitors stick onto your web pages longer.

Experts in the field offer insights and advice on improving your online marketing and SEO skills. The material covers a wide variety of topics like keyword research, marketing automation, SEO tactics, etc.

It is a favorite site of marketers as they get to know about the latest strategies to increase the customer base. They also get an in-depth understanding of SEO.

The goal is to help find out ways to incorporate the refined tactics into their existing marketing plan.

46. SEO Chat

SEO Chat is a blog where you can find posts on solutions on current issues in the field of online marketing and search engine optimization.

The important thing is that these posts are based on original statistics and trends and are hence, reliable. The content is updated monthly.

It gives you updates on Google optimization help, search engine news, link building help and much more.

The objective of starting this platform is to help online marketers improve their knowledge of search engine optimization. This blogging community guides both beginners and professionals alike in marking their place in the world of web.

It is a valuable resource in the internet marketing industry relied upon by millions of readers. You get updated with the latest search engine algorithms that prove beneficial to your websites.

You also get access to news concerning the industry, and some might be useful to take your marketing dreams to heights.

47. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud shares the knowledge of the internet to the world to earn money. The posts give a lot of practical tips to the readers for making money from blogs.

You get fresh ideas on basic and advanced money making techniques. Online marketers greatly benefit from the content as it provides valuable tips for businesses and entrepreneurs.

It emphasizes inbound marketing and enlightens the marketers on how to increase traffic and sales and brand value in turn.

Also, you get content covering topics like social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization and video marketing among many others.

The good news is that the blog has made a positive impact on many people’s lives, thanks to the reliable knowledge being shared.

It has helped many readers become financially independent and become their boss.

48. Woorank

Woorank is a web-based SEO checker tool. This tool generates instant website reviews so that the sites can be optimized. The blog provides the latest information about Google, SEO, and digital marketing.

Further, the platform provides content under various categories like content marketing, competitor analysis, email marketing, marketing tools and multiple others.

The posts are clear and straightforward and give actionable insights to help you increase the search ranking and website traffic.

The blog provides numerous tips through which marketers can boost their engagement rate. Further, you also get ideas to retain the existing customers and make new ones.

The relevant advice on optimizing websites is what keep the readers hooked to the material because the number of customers depends on the quality of sites.

The 90% customer satisfaction rate is a proof of how well the strategy is performing.

49. SEOprofiler

The most important category of the blog SEOprofiler is the SEO category. It gives information on getting better ranks in search engines like Google.

The posts on topics like keyword research, social media, reputation management, search engine optimization and mobile ranking make the readers get in-depth knowledge about them.

The main aim of the content is to provide the marketers with premium data regarding the latest market trends. You can follow SEOprofiler if you want to outperform your competitors in the search engines.

Be it any type of business, small, medium or large, SEOprofiler is there to help you create intelligent solutions for your marketing requirements. You will be surprised to find that some of the posts seem personalized for your needs.

50. Search Engine Land

51. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is worth a visit if you want to optimize your website for SEO. You make this happen through posts, ebooks, plugins, and tweets. Yoast SEO feature posts on a wide variety of topics like eCommerce, content SEO, social media, technical SEO, analytics, UX & conversion and WordPress.

There are posts on basic SEO which acquaints the readers with the fundamentals of optimization. People who want more technical information of a level higher are also not disappointed as there are numerous such posts.

You get hands-on tips and advice on how to make your site better to improve the ranking. It is crucial to make improvements to your site time to time to make it in sync with the latest trends.

Yoast SEO enables readers to do this with their knowledgeable posts. As a marketer, you will also come to know about the freshest marketing tools used in the industry to draw customers.

52. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal began in 2003 and focuses on helping the SEO community. It updates the readers with the news about the marketing world.

The posts include news reports and observational and argumentative articles written by guests who are experts in the field.

In a week, about 19 articles post, all giving insights about search engine optimization, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, paid search and entrepreneurial life.

You can rely on the tips provided as these come from some of the smartest people in the industry. Readers can also subscribe to their newsletter published every week.

53. Vertical Leap

We all understand the importance of SEO or search engine optimization in digital marketing. What happened previously was any company would hire one particular SEO expert and let him or her look into optimizing the search engine.

On the other hand, the rest of the company would be involved in the operations of the system. Performing an SEO is a far more complicated and fruitful process now.

Vertical Leap includes the likes of programmers, content marketers, social media managers and the likes.On this site, you will find content about SEO and how to optimize the search engine to its potential.

54. Search Engine Watch

An image of the word search engine watch with a lot of colors on the top

This is again popular as one of the top internet marketing blogs with its enriching content. The topics covered in the blog include SEO tips, SEO information, and search industry analysis.

It gives tips on how to search the web efficiently and analyze the search engine industry to know the searching patterns of customers.

The site owners are given support to improve their visibility in search engines.

New posts are frequently added, and they are always detailed for the ease of understanding.

This blog began in 2003 and focuses on helping the SEO community. It updates the readers with the news about the marketing world.

The posts include news reports, subject guides in depth and observational and argumentative articles written by guests who are experts in the field.

In a week, about 19 write-ups post, all giving insights about search engine optimization, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, paid search and entrepreneurial life.

You can rely on the tips provided as these come from some of the smartest people in the industry. Readers can also subscribe to their newsletter published every week

On this site, you will find content about SEO and how to optimize the search engine to its potential.

The site gives a lot of emphasis on search engine optimization and related topics. If you are looking forward to making your website best regarding design and performance, then you should follow Search Engine Watch posts.

There are plenty of subjects like analytics, PPC, industry, etc. that are intended to help online marketers boost their businesses.

55. Pr 20/20

This is one blog that focuses completely on marketing and marketing technologies. Be it strategizing, building content, optimizing search engines, working on social media, conducting PR tasks and email marketing, you will get it all on one platform.

PR 20/20 content focuses on combining the effects of art and science and technology in the sphere of marketing to get the best results.

It also caters to startup marketing campaigns. The writers also discuss the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Building efficient, rich, search-engine-optimizing and viewership-drawing content is the key feature here.

56. Neil Patel’s blog

Neil Patel is a reliable name in the field of online marketing. He guides big companies like HP and Amazon to grow their revenue.

Neil has got different titles like the top influencer on the web, one of the top ten online marketers and the likes from top magazines.

He has created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. So, one can imagine how following his posts can be beneficial to business.

He writes about 34 blog posts in a week. His sole aim is to help companies to generate more traffic and sales and his posts guide you on how to achieve it.

Growing a business is not an easy job, and his information even helps small companies to make a place of their own. Thus, follow Neil Patel if you want to boost your sales and increase the number of visitors to your website.

57. Relevance

Marketing strategies keep changing on a daily basis. Thus, in this regard, it is imperative to focus on policies that are catering to today’s times.

Having a good public relations team is vital for any company, and the strategies mentioned on Relevance tells you exactly why.

Ultimately, digital marketing and advertising boil down to creating a robust business network for the organization in the commercial sphere and cashing in on that advantage.

58. Cision Blog

Cision Blog helps you bring a specific structure and organization to your company’s online marketing skills. What are the best strategies for attracting viewers to your content? How well collaborated and organized is your marketing department?

How can you cater to different industries using the same platform? How successful are your PR strategies? These are some of the questions answered by this site.

It also sheds light on potential methods for improving your PR strategies and taking marketing to the next level.

59. SEMrush

SEMrush is a digital marketing blog started in the year 2008. It includes posts on topics like content strategy, SEM, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media to name a few.

The mission of starting the site was to make online competition transparent and fair so that everyone gets equal opportunities.

An active team of bloggers is enthusiastically conducting experiments and research behind the scene to provide insightful knowledge on online marketing. They follow a strict plan and give importance to individuals than processes.

SEMrush has a global presence and provides competitive solutions in the sphere of digital marketing. Most of the new suggestions and ideas presented by this site are eye-openers to marketers.

The platform provides the best and efficient marketing strategies to the advertisers who can joyfully incorporate them into their existing plans.

Top Social Media Marketing Blogs

60. Unmarketing

Owned by Scott and Alison Stratten, Unmarketing is a blog where you can find their thoughts on the changing world of business.

The posts are written based on their experiences in entrepreneurship.Thus, the site is very engaging and reliable. Forbes named Scott as one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world.

So, you can imagine what his expertise would be. It is for this same reason that the top brands like IBM, PepsiCo, etc. follow his advice in business.

His content helps readers strengthen their digital relationships and build new ones that would be a valuable addition to their business.

The posts focus on social, viral and authentic marketing and give you innovative ideas that unavailable elsewhere. It also features UnPodcast that provides valuable information on customer services, branding, public relations and networking.

Scot believes that great content always attracts readers and this is what he applies to his posts too

61. Heidi Cohen

This site owned by Heidi Cohen is an actionable marketing guide. The blog offers insights on everything related to marketing.It covers topics related to mobile, social media and content marketing. Every reader has something to take away from the content as it includes details right from the marketing fundamentals.

Heidi has extensive online marketing experience which she shares with the readers through her site. No matter, if you are a beginner in the field of marketing or a marketing expert, you can follow Heidi.

The author simplifies the complex marketing concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. She explains the current marketing challenges and the ones that are evolving and gives ideas to face them.

This way, the readers including the marketers get acquainted with the new marketing topics.She adds practical tips and tactics in her posts that can easily incorporate into your business and marketing plans to reap success.

62. Social Media Explorer

An information products company, the Social Media Explorer, is an agency providing strategic services regarding social media and digital marketing.

It is of great use to online marketing businesses that can refer to it while making decisions about the customers and the buyer audience.

Social Media Explorer also explains how by monitoring the industry conversations, marketers can reach their consumers. It also provides valuable lessons on growing a database.

It provides techniques that can be used to promote a brand on social media to get the best response. Social Media Explorer also helps marketing agencies to understand what motivates a brand’s influencer and how this can be used to have support creating content.

63. Future Buzz

Developed by Adam Singer, Future Buzz is a blog that deals with social media, digital marketing, and public relations. It is an independent media company that deals with web marketing and PR strategies.

Future Buzz is ideal for students who want to get into advertising and thus have many questions about the market sector. It also posts on how to create marketing reports.

The site is updated continuously by many contributors who belong to the site’s community. It helps budding entrepreneurs build long-lasting brands that have extended visibility.

The content provides a learning platform for PR professionals, entrepreneurs, freelance writers, as well as artists hoping to start their businesses, no matter how small or big.

Future Buzz aims at making dreams of online marketing come true by providing digital growth strategies for manufacturing, marketing technology, healthcare or subscription based start-ups.

64. Buffer Social

Buffer is a social media management agency that provides intuitive strategies for brands, companies, businesses, and individuals to achieve better social media response.

Buffer works as a distributed team across the globe. It takes care of almost everything, from replying to the customer’s questions to fixing bugs.

It deals with the latest social media tools and analytics. The Buffer has access to the most recent trends in digital marketing.

It gives tips on how to develop various mediums through which one’s business can connect with the clients. It helps a marketer to use bots to schedule social media content, reply to customer’s questions and provide previously constructed data.

65. Jenn’s Trends

Developed by Jenn Herman, Jenn’s Trends is a social media management blog. It provides posts on social media marketing, blogs, monthly social media resources and various other opportunities, including VIP access.

Jenn’s Trends mainly focuses on the social media marketing. It helps its users to grow their business through social networking sites by understanding and improving social media business trends.

It helps in increasing exposure on social media with a personal touch to all businesses portfolios of the brand.

66. Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted, a blog started by Donna Moritz, offers some smart strategies that help users achieve better results across social networking sites. The strategy behind Socially Sorted helps marketers through creative infographics and images that are highly successful in digital marketing from the very beginning.

With many strategies dealing with visual social media content, Simply Sorted helps companies get a higher amount of traffic, shares, and sales.

The content posts are many tips, inside details, and programs that allow the users to achieve better engagement with the customers thus helping you in boosting your followers.

67. Unmetric

A platform that deals with social media analytics, Unmetric provides information to its users regarding the movement of the competitors.

This intelligence helps the companies to develop their business. It enables you to understand the marketing content and run better campaigns through a comparative study of the performance of many brands across the globe.

Companies before had to benchmark regarding the marketing sector or through their commercials on television. But with Unmetric, they can now benchmark and understand their performance and efforts in social media marketing.

Unmetric uses combinations of advanced algorithms, and human computing to compile data regarding content and market strategies used by other similar businesses.

68. Agora Pulse

An easy and affordable tool, the Agora Pulse is a social media management platform. It helps in building social media content for businesses, agencies and other companies.

Agora Pulse has an interesting feature that reviews clients and publishes a workflow system. It helps the users to draft posts and tweets for their customers. It also helps in customizing comments or notes in reply to the customer’s queries.

By using Agora Pulse, companies can protect their client’s profiles from any common errors that new employees might make while handling them.

Users can also save time by not creating length reports for their customers. But, instead, just export PowerPoint presentations or documents that contain the analytical data regarding the growth of the business or engagements and also the key metrics.

Agora Pulse is such a tool that it helps the companies effortlessly manage their brand profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and for more convenience. It also has a mobile app.

Agora Pulse is one of the best tools that can create analytics for the businesses that want to thrive in the world of digital marketing.

It also has some excellent features like encryption for sensitive data, various authentication options for different factors and also data backup is available in multiple places.

69. Social Media Hat

Many small businesses miss out on significant marketing opportunity because of nonavailability of resources.

For such businesses, Social Media Hat is a platform that gives them information regarding blogging, social media, SEO, digital marketing and also apps.

Tools such as these can be used to promote their brand in the digital marketing sector. It helps these businesses find their focus and provide specific instructions and correct guidance regarding what should be done for the growth of the business.

Social Media Hat posts many useful stories about how changes and events on social networking sites affect the development and performance of a business and help the users to be more active online or get more search engine traffic.

Social Media Hat helps starting entrepreneurs recognize their own assets. It helps them understand the tools and techniques of the social media sites that they should focus on to handle their daily content marketing.

70. Pamorama

Pamorama is a blog that helps businesses to put their brands on social media and increase sales through social networking sites.

As a social marketing tool, Pamorama provides its users with strategies on how to optimize their brand and create better connection and engagement with their customers.

It gives helpful tips regarding what are the most common marketing errors that a business makes and how to avoid those, and also how to portray images on social media that can affect traffic on the search engines and increase the number of visitors on the sites.

Pamorama also helps the clients select strong brand messages to present over multiple profiles so that the audience is very clear about what the brand represents.

71. The Measurement Standard

The Measurement Standard is the ultimate blog if you want to keep a tab on social media. This site helps you improve your business communications through proper data analysis.

It is the perfect blog for PRs as it provides proper evaluation and measurement of the discussed strategies.

Further, it also publishes interesting stories about young PR professional and inspirational case studies to help the newbie understand the nuances of the industry and stay well-informed.

72. Andy Lark

Andy Lark is a marketing professional and comes with 22 years of experience in varied fields of marketing and communications. Through his blog, he sheds light on all things related to social media and global marketing.

73. HootSuite

Hootsuite is an interesting blog which provides advice on what all it does it takes to be successful online. The content covers all topics whether they are social media, content marketing, blogging, email marketing, conversion and the likes.

74. OhSoPinteresting

Ohsopinteresting was launched by Cynthia Sanchez in 2012. In this blog, she has been sharing everything related to Pinterest.

The information provided is surely an eye opener for brands and companies who want to extract the most out of this platform.

Pinterest has always been treated like a niche platform which is proven wrong by this websites primary focus on how a lot can be done and achieved on Pinterest through best strategies.

75. Simply Measured

Simply Measured provides actionable social insights that are sure to drive results. The blog covers everything related to social media under the roof and guides small and mid-sized businesses to execute successful social media strategies.

76. Brian Solis

Brian Solis is one of the most celebrated bloggers and writers. His key focus on the blog is to shed light on the importance of technology and its growth in business and commerce.

In fact, he has studied the use of technology in business and society to understand the role played by it on the people.

Brian remains focused on different aspects of writing, including tech.  It also covers some aspects of marketing, especially digital marketing and the importance of social media for the same.

Online PPC and Paid Advertising Blogs

77. Google‘s ’Inside Adwords’ blog

There are many marketing experts who base their marketing strategies on Google. Google’s Inside AdWords blog is an excellent companion if you are one among them.

This is an insightful platform from Google which provides tips, news, and information on AdWords. There are several pages on the site, each concerning different content like Chrome blog, Ads Developer blog, Developers blog, etc.

Inside AdWords blog is a platform where most of the developments and news updates on Google PPC advertising are released.

PPC is a model for internet advertising that directs traffic to websites in which the publisher gets paid by the advertiser when someone clicks an ad.

Even if you do not use PPC, you can still follow AdWords which offers many other advantages. Apart from PPC, Google updates the site with many of its recent developments which can are available for your marketing campaigns irrespective of their nature

78. Quick Sprout blog

An image of the words QuickSprout in white color with a green background

Started by Neil Patel, Quick Sprout offers insights on online marketing to help anyone establish a successful business.

His goal is to share what he has learned with the readers so that they get enriched with his experiences and expertise in marketing.

Considered as one of the top 10 online marketers, his advice and tips are valuable when it comes to successful marketing.

Unlike other sites, Quick Sprout does not provide you with information in a ready-to-use manner. Readers who want quick updates of the marketing world would be disappointed because you won’t get it here.

Instead, the posts are long, giving details on every single topic. As a result, the content is sometimes e-book sized including step by step explanation of sophisticated marketing strategies and tactics.

Beginners, as well as expert online marketers, find the site useful as any topic related to digital marketing available is here.

79. Unbounce

Started in the year 2009, Unbounce has been of great help to digital agencies and online marketers in increasing their customer base.

This is more so in case of stats-driven marketers who want to do landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization and A/B Testing.

The primary objective of the site is to enable online marketers to increase conversion on their websites and in their campaigns.

The posts are excellent in providing the latest conversion tips that would help strengthen your marketing campaigns.

Readers say that this is a delightful site both in its design and execution. The writers make it a point to create fun ways of explaining innovative online marketing strategies.

That is one reason why it has won many hearts. After all, who doesn’t like a little creativity and fun?

80. WiderFunnel

WiderFunnel was started in the year 2007 to help online marketers in finding solutions to every challenge that they face in the field of marketing.

The site provides some great ideas regarding conversion rates that put it as one of the best in the field. The content covers a large number of topics like value proposition, B2B, A/B testing, navigation, segmentation, optimization strategy, and marketing psychology.

Every blog post comes from intense research, and it shows in the quality of the posts. That significantly influences the readers to take the right actions to enhance their marketing strategies.

You can follow this site if you want your website to make a profit. The tips offered are practical for marketers to put to use.

It also helps you take effective marketing decisions along with the optimization of conversion rate. The advantage is that you get all the marketing insights at a single place.

81. Crazyegg

The blog Crazyegg provides the freshest news and insights that help digital marketers stay up to date with the recent developments.

It gives ideas on what to do to make your marketing success and how to do it efficiently. Some topics enable you to do website optimization to make your site more attractive.

The team behind the site believes that knowledge is power. The blog, hence, provides the best advice to get the best possible outcome each time.

Web managers and online marketers find the site useful with the conversion rate optimization tips offered.

The primary goal is to provide the relevant information you need, whenever you need it and in a format that suits you the best.

82. PPC Hero

PPC Hero stands out from other blogs by providing some of the best posts on online marketing. They are written by professionals who are well educated in their field.

And, the best thing is that the writings are easily understandable by anyone. Their writers engage the readers and get them acquainted with the realities of online marketing.

The posts are so engaging that anybody would want to keep reading. Users who want to expand their market and grow in the process can follow the site as it provides some great pieces of information.

The content speaks a lot about PPC as it is a subject rarely touched by other sites. As a result, it became popular among online advertisers.

The primary objective is to educate the world on the basic techniques and skills of successful pay per click management. This is done by researching website reviews, PPC case studies and other resources.

83. WordStream

WordStream is a blog started to make online advertising easy for marketers. It helps you use cost-effective and time-saving methods to make online advertising effortless.

The posts provide ideas on converting the leads and improving sales for any business. The platform aims to help grow your business to the heights you imagined.

The WordStream Advisor manages all your campaigns you make use of for marketing. The advice given is all actionable and designed to improve your results.

It helps you run optimized campaigns that can be used on any platform. Whichever place you intend to advertise, you get the right solution to grow faster and by spending the least amount of money.

Whether it is social media or Google AdWords, you can quickly launch your strategies with the excellent tips from the site. The unique thing about the posts is that they include practical ideas that work in any scenario.

85. iSpionage

This blog helps online marketers revamp their marketing campaigns to make them successful. The posts come under the categories like PPC, SEO, conversion rate optimization and copyrighting.

Ispionage helps you do competitive keyword research to find out the keywords used by your competitors and the campaigns they resort to.

This is important to know how their sites are ranking better in the search engines. Understanding their strategies help you frame your own strategies that are better and bigger than theirs.

The posts teach you how to write better ads, lower cost per click and improve conversion rates. Beginners and marketers alike can follow the blog because there are posts that cater to everybody’s needs.

You will get posts on the fundamentals of digital marketing and those that explain higher level concepts. Online marketers can keep a watch for current content as it gets frequently updated with the latest tips to survive in the industry.

86. Certified Knowledge

Certified Knowledge was started in the year 2008 by Bred Geddes who is a well-known face in the search marketing industry. He has been working in the field of online marketing offering services to companies and agencies.

The main objective of starting the blog is to educate marketers in the principles and best practices of internet marketing. Every post is written keeping this in mind and the readers are happy with the content provided.

Brad takes an interest in providing expert and impartial advice to any business to make them understand the functioning of PPC marketing.

He also gives tips to help them make the best use of marketing opportunities available. The site is so well designed that it empowers any business to be successful online.

You can easily become an expert marketer if you follow Bred as it guides a beginner to become an expert level advertiser in the most efficient way.

87. Boost Media

The blog Boost Media was started to empower advertisers to help them make a space in the world of internet. It focuses on giving them valuable information on how to optimize keywords and write effective ads to attract maximum customers.

It guides individuals on making successful ad campaigns that are both creative and competitive.Through this blog, the advertisers learn the best campaign management technologies.

The site helps you achieve extraordinary results due to the digital advertising optimization. Irrespective of the platform you choose to advertise, you can rely on the latest tactics provided by the content to get the best output you have always wanted.

It provides excellent insights that inform the marketers about the strategies that work and why they work. Since the customer is the king, the marketers are compelled to better connect with their audience and perform better to provide a rich customer experience and build a stronger customer base.

88. CPC Strategy

CPC Strategy is considered as the leader of the digital retail revolution. Online shopping is the area it focuses and believes that online shopping is driven by personalization and on-demand convenience.

As a result, the posts emphasize retail search industry and explore how it works. The team behind the site analyzes customer search behavior and product data by collecting information from various data points.

Once this is understood, it is easy to set up campaigns that work in sync with the way customers search for products. This information is shared with the readers through the content to make way for successful advertising strategies.

Enough ideas about retail focused strategies are available for the readers and marketers that let them create profitable ad campaigns and provide value to the customers.

The data is completely reliable as it is obtained from authentic sources thereby making it the input of your campaigns.

89. Clix Marketing

Clix Marketing is by digital advertising experts who give expert guidance on online advertising. Through the posts, they help the marketers take ownership and achieve their marketing goals.

The unique thing about the site is the importance it places on precision.

Regular readers vouch that the content stands out from their competitors by providing information that is very useful and practical. The team behind the site is very concerned about the importance of your business goals.

Hence, they write as if the posts are personalized for every business. It is in sync with the current industry trends and knows what it takes to make your marketing strategies successful.

90. Bing Ads Blog

It is vital for online marketers to know everything about PPC marketing. This is where Bing Ads Blog come to rescue. The Bing network is close to both the customers and marketers.

Hence, it makes it easy for the online marketers to better connect with the customers. The site helps advertisers build strong relationships with the customers and increases sales in the process.

The posts inform the marketers about the product news and other information related to the search ads and the search engine Bing.

These posts are mostly detailed and enable the marketers, and the small and big businesses take out their true potential.

They impart a lot of knowledge which helps you act wisely when it comes to decision making. In addition to posts, there are guides exclusively for digital marketers to aid in their growth.

Going through these would help you get ideas to reach a unique and broader audience.

91. Acquisio Blog

The blog Acquisio was started with an aim to help small businesses flourish in the challenging world of digital economy. It publishes reliable content that you can count on in any critical situation.

Marketers love the site for the consistent digital marketing advice it provides. Some of the posts are also from leaders in the field who write on cutting-edge topics.

These help you automate and optimize your ad campaigns in a profitable way. Expert advice is given on optimizing the campaigns to fit every single digital platform that is prominent in today’s world.

These can be put to use by any kind of business as these are not very expensive. As they target the small businesses, they are always concerned about the budget constraints while giving marketing tips.

Marketers of every size find the blog beneficial as the posts enlighten them about processes that earn them customers online.

92. Bryan Eisenberg

The objective of the blog is to bring online marketers and PPC specialists together so that they benefit from each other. The posts include topics that are very fundamental and that explain the advanced theory.

Readers find insightful knowledge being shared in the posts regularly.This site and enlighten the PPC community far better than any other.

You should follow Bryan Eisenberg if you want access to PPC discussions and updates. All the information provided can entirely rely on as these are collected from authentic sources.

The author does a lot of research before posting something. He checks with various marketing platforms and builds ideas that suit each one and share these with the readers. This is one way of ensuring the success of every ad campaign.

93. Tenscores

Tenscores is a blog that helps you learn to optimize your Google AdWords campaigns. The site helps you earn more through traffic and conversions. The content has something for every marketer, be it, beginners or experts.

For the beginners, the posts are useful in managing the PPC campaigns on a daily basis. In the advanced level, the writings help you utilize your maximum potential in developing PPC campaigns that are sure to succeed.

The expert team at Tenscores give you insights on optimizing AdWords quality scores. This is a great way for the Google AdWords advertisers to get cheaper clicks.

94. PPC Associates digital marketing blog

PPC Associates is now 3Q digital. This blog guides you on how to optimize the internet and get the best digital marketing outcome. It’s not an impossible task but a challenging one to channelize the right customers to your website.

That’s why it becomes useful as it has the right techniques explained for you to achieve your goals. Full-length optimization is doable once you find the right way from here.

95. Trada Blog

Trada provides a whole world of ideas that can guide you on how to use optimization techniques in best ways.

It’s a must for every digital marketer who is religiously trying to make the best use of internet tools to improve optimization for his websites.

Other Quality Blogs, Honorable Mentions

96. B2B Marketing Insider

Marketing Insider Group this blog should be in every marketer’s to-read list. The site focuses on framing a proper content strategy for maximum return.

It touches base on everything that an emerging brand must know about marketing. From guiding you to create content to run social media campaigns, this site is a must-follow.

97. Kapost

Kapost is all about planning and strategic content. The blog is a treat for analytical minds as it has enough contest focused insights based on case studies and other research material.

The site covers a wide range of subjects. Some of these include content creation, marketing strategy, customer experience and demand generation.

Further, topics like marketing analytics, research and insights are also covered here.

98. The Google Blog

The Google Blog doesn’t need a formal introduction. Straight from Google and is always updated and would never disappoint you when it comes to delivering great content.

Whether it be related to the latest news from Google or latest tips to excel in the digital marketing industry, there is plenty to learn.

99. SEO Book by Aaron Wall

SEO Book is a leading website that offers fresh insights on SEO with the help of videos, tools, and other resources.

It is one of the oldest SEO sites and is regularly updated. Although the blog might give you an old-school look, it is definitely worth the time and provides some really insightful ideas.

100. SEO blog by Ahrefs

Ahref is a vital industry contributor, and It is one of the renowned tools of the SEO industry. And so, its blog also keep up with the expectations.

Ahrefs’ is a perfect assimilation of SEO techniques, tools, and tricks and publishes the latest updates on how you can make your website rank better.

101. Grow

Grow is a blog ran by Mark Schaefer, who is a recognized social media marketer. Through his work, he provides a deeper insight into social media and content marketing.

This site is one of the top five business platforms in the world. It attempts to keep you updated with the latest developments in the digital marketing industry.