how to remove facebook reviews

How to Remove Facebook Reviews Or Delete

As hard as you try to put your best foot forward, fake facebook reviews keep popping up?

They stand out like a black eye on your Facebook business page. False or fake reviews can be damaging to a business who is working to build and maintain a solid online reputation. 

You have a few options.

First, ask yourself why you would want them gone? It is ok if you don’t have all stellar five-star ratings. The truth is, if all you have is perfect ratings on social media, it will look a bit suspicious. 

No business is going to please 100% of the consumers they serve.

But, there are many legitimate reasons to remove the reviews from your social media Facebook business page.

Make sure you read this entire article, as it has been recently updated for 2019.

How To Report A Review On Facebook

In order to remove a review from Facebook, ensure you are using your business account. The process is very simple.

Log into your facebook business page example

To report a review:

  • Go to the reviews section on your Facebook business page. It can be found on the right side of your company profile photo.
  • Locate the review you want to flag.
  • Look for the three dots in the right corner, Click it.
  • Then click “Report Post.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

reporting a bad review

Will Facebook Remove a Review?

Based on Facebook guidelines aka “Community Standards”. If you have received a hate speech or a review that contains spam, they should remove it.

Your job is to contact Facebook to report inappropriate reviews. Then, it is a waiting game for Facebook to take action

Facebook only allows you to report written reviews. If you receive a low star, there is not much you can do.

Facebook more than likely will not remove legitimate feedback from unhappy customers. The standards they adhere to are for the genuinely inappropriate posts.

How to turn off reviews on facebook

People ask me all the time,  how do you delete a review on facebook?

Well, you can, but there are some things you need to know. YOU can’t delete a single review; only Facebook can do that. But you can disable reviews from your business page.

The catch here is, it eliminates check-ins and the map as well. But that is not important for service area businesses like Roofers or Plumbers.

Consumers will continue to see your business listing.

Follow the instructions below on how to disable and or turn off the reviews on your Facebook page.
  1. On your Facebook Business page click on “Settings” at the top.
  2. On the left-hand side click “Edit Page.”
  3. Next click on “Reviews.”
  4. Now move the slider “Show Reviews Off” and click save changes.

removing review option from your facebook page

Disabling will NOT cause any reviews to be deleted.

It will only hide them from your business page. If you enable again at a later date, all previous reviews will come back.

If you decide to reactivate at a later date, all it takes is going back to the settings page and moving the slider to “On.”

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How To Respond To a Negative or Fake Business Review

Respond to all review, even on social media. In the case of a negative customer feedback, ask what can do to improve his or her experience to rectify the situation.

A customer may have had an unsatisfactory experience. Maybe there was miscommunication, or your company just had a bad day.

As the business owner, you should go above the call of duty when it comes to review management.  Take the high-road. 

My best tip is to learn from your customers. Ask what you can do to better to improve your service and offer a better customer experience. 

Online Reviews Infleuence Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Here are some statistics about online peer reviews to keep in mind.     

  • 51 percent of consumers of more likely to purchase a business they follow on Facebook 
  • 67 percent of the online consumer will purchase from a company they follow on Twitter
  • 87 percent of shoppers use online reviews regularly to decide on which local business to use
  • 85 percent of online shoppers trust the reviews the same as personal recommendations

Online reviews are essential to consumer purchasing decisions. As these studies show, reviews can make or break your company.

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10 replies
  1. Ann Pomane says:

    Thanks for the sharing. How can we improve our Facebook reviews for the particular website?

  2. Darla Dressler says:

    but what if they are fake reviews done maliciously from someone who has never used your business?

  3. Lou says:

    I have had i employee I have had let go. I run a mobile bridal hair and makeup company. She has gone above and beyond to ruin my life. She is trying to ruin my life be msging family members and friends and clients and Facebook I have on Instagram and slashing me name. Calling me off the hook threatening me. I have called the police and they told me to have in writing asking her to leave me alone. I did that. The next morning I had a 5 star business that is now down to a 4.3 on Facebook and woke up to a false bad review written by her slashing my character and posting private convos on her review that I can’t take off. I have disabled my fb because i have 900 followers that I don’t want to see. What do I do ?

  4. Vanessa Sheena says:

    I have a bad client that I had to call the police on for harassing and threatening and now she is continuing to harass me and my company.

    She never used my other company and the police keep telling me to document everything what does that do? How do I delete this person or block them from posting on my business page?

  5. Andy Roessler says:

    Great article and good info – thanks! Was wondering if you knew the answer to this: I have a client and on the home page of their FB business page, in the feed under “Recommendations and Reviews,” It shows a reviewer/person with a one star rating and no comment. However, if you click “See All” you will see that reviewer/person again but it has a 4 star rating which is the actual rating. I don’t know why it is showing a 1 star rating on home page feed. When I click one star rating it just goes to Review page. Also, I was thinking of banning the person but don’t know if this is a good thing – May not be person’s fault and she actually gave a 4 star rating. If you have any info or tips, would greatly appreciate! Also if you’d like the business page address. I’m stumped!

  6. Jessica P says:

    Vanessa – you can’t take proactive action. Once this person comments or leaves a review you can block them. Hopefully they leave a comment on a post that you’ve written, in which case you can hide the comment and then block her. If she leaves a negative recommendation/review, you can block her but then you’ll have to leave removal to FB’s discretion. Upside: If she leaves a review you can tell your side of the story in the response.

  7. Laurel Kindley says:

    I had someone give me a 1 star rating. Problem is that this person has never been a customer. I contacted her about it but never got a response. Have reported this to Facebook several times but nothing was done. There really should be some recourse for businesses to be able to get fake ratings removed.

  8. Brenda Tennant says:

    I took over a business and it’s Facebook page but there are bad reviews from the previous owner. Is there a way to have them removed?

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