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Duplichecker Review – Free Online Plagiarism Checker

This is my updated review as 2019.

Maybe you are a student or a business?

If you hire someone to write original content for you, how can you be sure that it is not copied? 

With so much content available online, it is virtually impossible to check on your own. That’s why using a plagiarism tool like Duplichecker is essential.

Duplichecker is free plagiarism detection software you can use to compare your source content against other content across the web.

It has some unique features and benefits, but is it the best option to suit your needs and verify your content is ORIGINAL?

Before I answer that question, let’s talk about why checking for plagiarism is something you should be doing.

What Is Plagiarism and Why Does It Matter?

Let’s start by defining plagiarism. According to Merriam-Webster, plagiarism is defined as:

The act or instance of stealing and passing off the words or ideas of another as your own

You might think of copying as being the purview of lazy kids. Instead of writing an original report or paper, they copy directly out of the encyclopedia or a library book.

Unfortunately, adults plagiarize copy, too. In fact, almost anyone who hires freelance writers online can tell you a story about having copied content passed off as the original. It happens all the time.

Some might tell themselves that plagiarism is harmless. However, that’s not the case. 

Here are some of the ways that having non-original copy on your site can hurt you.

  1. It calls your integrity into question.
  2. It can open you up to accusations of theft and dishonesty.
  3. It might leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit.
  4. It undermines your authority to your followers.

The text you post on your website must be original.

If it’s not, it can do irreparable damage to your credibility. Fortunately, tools like Duplichecker can protect you.

plagiarism checker online free

Use this plagiarism checker online free

What is Duplichecker Plagiarism Detection?

Now let’s talk about Duplichecker and what it is. It is is a free online plagiarism tool. You can use it to check content on your site against existing content. In fact, it will check the content you provide against every published page on the web.

Tools are necessary because it is not possible to check for plagiarism manually. You would have to review millions of website and billions of words of content to do it.

Using Duplichecker can help you be confident that any content you pay for is original. You will not have to worry about being accused of theft. You can even make payment for content contingent upon it passing a Duplichecker test.


How Does it Work? How to check unique content online?

It is simple to use. You can use it online or download it onto your computer or mobile device.

On the website, you have the option of checking your text one of two ways.

  1. Upload a file in .doc or .txt format to
  2. Paste up to 1000 words into the search box.

In either case, it will check your source content against all other online and return a result. The report you get will tell you if your work has been copied or duplicated online. It will also provide you with the website the material came from.

You can use the text box without signing up for an account. If you want to be able to verify longer documents (up to 1500 words), you will need to register. The tool has no charge to registered users, too.

With the free membership, you can scan up to 50 documents a day.

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Check content uniqueness online

Is it Accurate?

Using Duplichecker is easy, but is it accurate? There’s no point in using an online plagiarism checker if you cannot rely on it to return correct results.

To find out, I ran a series of tests. In each case, I copied content I found online. Sometimes I pasted it into the search box. Other times, I put it in a Word document and uploaded it to the site.

To be safe, I checked the content that was completely unoriginal. I also took a short passage of approximately 50 words and included it in a more extended document.

In every case, Dupli checker detected the plagiarism. It came back and told us that the text was not original. It also gave us the URL of the site where I would find the text and highlighted other sites that have part or all of the same content.

Based on our tests, I can say with confidence that it is accurate. It will help you determine if the text is original. It can also be used to find out if others are using your material without permission.

Check your school paper for plagiarism

A duplicate text checker can save you from embarrassment

Pros and Cons of Duplichecker Software

While it did an excellent job of identifying copied text, I want to point out a few flaws, as well. Here are some potential downsides:

  1. It is very sensitive. In some cases, it may identify commonly-used phrases and terms as plagiarism even when that’s not strictly the case. For example, a recipe might say, “Cream the butter and sugar together.” There’s no other way to say that, and it’s reasonable for a writer to use that phrase.
  2. There is some concern among online critics about online plagiarism tools. Some fear that these are free because the owners want to collect original content to use.
  3. If you have long documents to search, the word limitations for Duplichecker may be inconvenient for you. A 10,000-word document would have to be broken up into six pieces to be checked. In other words, you will have to do six separate reviews to make sure your content is original.

You’ll have to decide if these negatives affect your decision to use Duplichecker.

Of course, there are some advantages as well. Here they are:

  1. It is a free tool great for SEO. You can find other plagiarism checkers like Copyscape or Grammarly, but you will have to pay to use most of them.
  2. It is very accurate and sensitive. You won’t have to worry about a dishonest writer slipping a paragraph of unoriginal content into a longer piece. Duplichecker will catch it – as our tests proved.
  3. It is quick and easy. If you are verifying a short piece of content, you can directly paste it into the box and have your results back in seconds.

Of course, I think the most significant benefit of using Duplichecker is that it protects your credibility. Whether you are using the content you check on a website, blog, or published an article; you want to be sure that it is not copied. A quick check with Duplichecker can give you the peace of mind you need.

When you are dealing with a new writer, you can make payment contingent upon the content passing a Duplichecker test. While most freelancers are honest, some may think they can fool you with an unoriginal copy. It is simple, easy to use, and it offers you protection against deception.

It is the best free plagiarism checker.


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Hope you enjoyed my review of Duplichecker

Duplichecker is not the only plagiarism detector available online, but it is a good choice for most casual users. It is free to use and accurate in its results.

I do think that those who have more extended content to check might prefer to look elsewhere. The low word counts on Duplichecker are not ideal for long content. However, it is perfect for checking blog posts, web copy, and articles without any fuss.

If you would like to try the website to check for copied text, Duplichecker,  for yourself, please click here.

Remember, you have the option of checking up to 1000 words at a time without a registered account. With an account, you can increase the word count to 1500 words.