Why Your Business Needs Google Local SEO Search in 2019

Everyone should be familiar with how important SEO is for business.  The goal is to enhance its visibility, traffic, and rankings within search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. The ever-changing market and Search Engine trends have brought something new into the market, Google Local SEO.

Google local SEO Services are the system that aligns all the essential information regarding the business as the name, address, website and contact number, office hours, services, social media profiles, local directories and your My Business page on Google.

Usually, there are basically three reasons people use the internet: for entertainment,  solving a problem, or looking for service or business. Your business or anyone else’s for that matter happens to be the solution to someone’s problem.

With some hard put efforts and SEO optimization, you could rank well in the search listings. The best way to rank well is using Google local places. Along with SEO, digital marketing services and campaigns, a simple Google Places listing boosts your online presence proving to be invaluable to business and is called Google Local SEO.

Google Local SEO in 2019:

Google maps help in directions, and if you know about Google maps marketing, you are already familiar with the concept of Google places. When your business is searched, it adds a box to the right side of the search results displaying all the necessary details. Google Local SEO shows on the Google maps. The most beneficial aspect about Google local SEO is the improved search ranking.

Google is the key place people go to look for answers. 3.5 billion searches happen every single day. On an average, approximately 97% of consumers browse for local businesses online. Through both organic and paid searches, Google could substantially impact your brand awareness and customer traffic.

With increasing competition and businesses popping up, the need to know about businesses in the area has become a necessity this year. Google places let us see what we need near us. Google Local allows your business to be verified on Google places. It gives trust and confidence to Google that you are a legitimate and trustworthy company that provides its services.

The aim of all businesses is to be ranked among legitimate and trusted companies.

Be found in local search

Businesses need to create a place for themselves in the Google Local results with the growing competition and keep up with it. Google Places help you in creating a true online presence. It is an online tool allowing your local businesses to be listed in the Google Maps and display information about the store to the consumers.

Take an example of a restaurant search, and you shall see that the left side of the browser shows all the details address, contact number, opening hours, websites and direction to the place. No business, be it retail, dining or anything would want to ignore the chance of getting listed.

Google maps can make or break your access and reach to the potential customers. Apart from getting listed, using Google Local SEO could also display reviews of your services as well with proper optimization of course.

Local SEO Is Key For Mobile Traffic

Anybody with a smart device or any platform can access Google maps this also boosts the customer’s web traffic and engaging more customers to your website, without much hassle. According to stats, 85% of small setups and businesses value the local traffic immensely. But only half of the companies have updated local listings online. Therefore, the majority of firms that have been checked do not have correct business information.

With the help of Google local, customers can find you easily and much faster. Usually, Facebook or Google+ page is used by clients to find solutions to their problem. When you optimize each of your online profiles, it contributes to your overall Google local SEO. Make sure you are using the Facebook Pixel to retarget your website visitors.

When the search engines like Google sees the use of consistent information across the online platforms, it is taken as a high ranking factor for their search results. Google Local pages for businesses often appear at the top of Google’s search results page.

What Does Local SEO Do For Your Business?

Companies are required to take advantage and claim their profile as their own. This is necessary, or some unethical companies may request the directory listings of rivals as their own. This could be harmful as wrong information brings negative reviews.

Once your profile has been claimed, it is tough to reclaim your listings and correct the misguiding information. Claiming your directory listings and profiles keeps you safe from online sabotage.

Optimizing your Google Local SEO not only ranks you in top search results but secures and protects your online business brand identity.

Below are four reasons your local business needs Google local / Google Places:

  • Marketing Strategy:

Google Local SEO is a tactic that you need to consider when developing a marketing strategy for your business. It boosts the local search traffic and protects you from online fraud as well.

  • Improved Yellow Pages:

Google is used when you need to know anything from the best barbecue joint to best salon services in the area. With the help of Google Places all the relevant information like addresses, contact number, website link, reviews and available to the targeted audience in an instant.

  • Boost Site Rankings:

It is essential for businesses to get the attention of the customers in the area it operates. With Google Local only the local searches are focused. Searches are limited to the business in a certain locality that makes it a great possibility to been seen by potential consumers.

  • Market Your Business:

Small businesses can take great advantage of Google Local SEO without spending any money on the print ads or television. With the help of Google Places, you can market and promote your products and services in the target locality in a cost effectively.