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Google My Business Optimization Tips For Maximum Exposure

Great! You now have your local business website and running.

But hold on, you are not done yet. Where do people look for products or services, online? Most customers or clients start by searching online. You need to be found.

It is critical you begin by adding your companies listing on Google My business. It is the first step to being found in Google local search results.

Proper optimization is the next step.

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Having an optimized listing could mean that you gain an advantage over your competitors. The goal here is to stand out from the crowd, have your location found.

So the question now is, what is the next step? If you do not know what to do next, don’t worry. We got you covered.

In this article, we will be discussing some ways on how you can optimize your Google Business page. So, let’s get started.

Steps to optimize your business listing

First things first, you need to learn how to maximize your page step by step. Here’s how:

  • Using the 3 Pack and Local Search – Have you noticed, that when you search for a local place to eat,   a list of restaurants that are related appear at the top of Google’s results?

Google My Business Optimization for the maps 3 pack ranking

This area is called the Google Maps 3 Pack.

So you want to be the master of Google maps marketing.

If your local business is listed on GMB, it will display in the maps when someone searches for your keywords. Well, only if your SEO and optimization are done well. Where you rank search though is dependent on multiple factors.

So, you may be asking what does this have to do with you?

For one, the companies that are found toward the top, are those that get the most clicks. These are companies that have done a great job of optimizing their location as part of their SEO strategy.

With a little work, you can improve your ranking on Google Listings and get ahead of your competition.

Make sure to add your name, phone number, and Address to your website

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NAP is vital for Google My Business Optimization

You may think what does your name, phone number, and Address has to do with your rankings. How are people going to find you if your information is inconsistent?

In case you didn’t know, your NAP consistency is a significant factor for improving your placement on Google. In other words, you want people to find you.

Your company information will be the first thing that customers will want to look for. Since Google’s algorithms are becoming more advanced, search engines don’t rely on keyword information anymore.

This is why your primary company information is essential. This is the first piece of information that your customers will look for. If for example, you own a salon with branches in different locations, create a separate page for them on your website which includes the necessary information.

It will be even better if you can include a Google map for each page as well. The same goes for other services as well.

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Add your business information to your listing

This step should be self-explanatory for a good reason.

But even small details like these matter considerably for successful listing optimization. As mentioned above, you should first add your business information.

When it comes to listing your phone number, it will be helpful to include your local number, not a tollfree number.

Also, make sure that you add as much information as you can about your local business as possible. This includes your hours of operation, years in operation,  and your internet address.

Add quality relevant images

high quality images in your listing

When it comes to business listings, images are significant. If you think you can get away with just adding one photo, no way.

Images make a big difference in click rate. Taking the time to upload several high-quality photos to your listing will improve your page.

Post flattering photos as the exterior and interior of your location. These images will help your customer imagine the look and feel of your local business, which is very important.

You also have the option to add images of your team members, location,  products, area, menu items (if you own a restaurant), and other relevant information.

Google My Business Benefits of Categories

google business categories list

Many people will often overlook the importance of categories in business listings. In case you didn’t know, they are another essential piece of the puzzle. The problem is, most companies fail to include categories or worse choose completely incorrect ones for their business in general.

Be specific and make sure to include every detail of the products and services that you offer.

You also want to make sure that you make use of the right categories. This is because Google uses this as a basis to list local search results.

So, if you end up using all the wrong ones, your business won’t be included in the recommendations. From my experience, limit your use to 2-3.

Make sure you get reviews

The more positive reviews you receive from customers, the more reputable your business will be. Keep in mind, that reviews are a Google maps ranking factor for the local three pack.


google reviews are important


Even better, Google allows you to ask for reviews from your customers. You should start asking your clients to leave reviews for you, especially if you are just beginning. You can include a review option on your listing page.

Beter yet, why don’t you make your review link? Or ask them before they leave your location.

If you already have a collection of emails from your customers, you can send each of them an email with the link to your review page.

Recent new features

Google is always updating and improving the GMB dashboard and features. Take note of:

Google Posts

Google Website Builder

Be an early adopter of any new releases and gain an advantage over your competitors. It is one of my top recommendations on how to improve google search ranking.

Try out these tips to optimize your Google My Business Listing

GMB listing is an excellent tool to use, especially if you are trying to get your brand exposed. It plays a huge role in determining your position in search engine results as well.

If you are persistent enough, you can move ahead of your competition and gain success. I hope these tips on optimizing your listing help grow your business.

Have problems with your listing? Head over to my post on Google Business Support.