How to Add a Business Listing to SuperPages

Superpages is no longer just a printed phone book. Instead, they are an online business citation source that people use to find local businesses.

Who would want to add a business listing to SuperPages?

Well, you should, as it is a free business directory.

Having formed DexMedia out of a collaboration project, Superpages is still around and can still be relevant for online businesses looking to increase their SEO rankings.


how to claim your superpages free listing



Learning how to add a business listing to Superpages is relatively simple stuff.

While submitting a business listing to Superpages is not rocket science, it can be a test of your patience. Superpages software is old, bloated, and slow.

Don’t be in a rush when you sit down to submit your listing; you will only end up angry (trust me).

STEP 1: Claim your Listing

You need to go to the SuperPages business application. That is here.

At this point, you just need to click the link that reads “this form.” Again, this is not complex stuff.

NOTE: If you merely go to and scroll down to the bottom, you will see “claim business listing.” If you click that, you end up with the link I already provided you.

STEP 2: Fill out the SuperPages form

Now you will see a form to fill out. The first drop down should be selected for your needs, which is “add, edit, or remove a listing.” Other dropdowns include advertising inquiries and a complaint form. You want to add or edit your business listing, so leave that selected.

how to add listing to superpages

SuperPages business listing form on the website to add your business

You will now need to enter your business name, business address, and website URL. You will also need to choose a category for your business. You can choose between 1 and 5 categories depending on how many various types might apply to your Superpages listing.

If you are new to Superpages, everything you are doing will be part of a process of acquiring a new Superpages account. That means you will be asked to confirm your email.

STEP 3: Verify Your Information

Make sure that all the information you have provided is accurate. Mistakes can end up costing you time and energy, so give that second look to make sure it all reflects accurately.

STEP 4: Confirm Your Business Listing On SuperPages

You will need to approve Superpages’ terms and conditions. Always good to read that stuff, but don’t expect anything non-standard here. Then you will be able to use your Superpages login.

Duplicate Listings

Because many online businesses have a past with Dexmedia and Superpages, many also have duplicate listings in their systems.

Many companies which have utilized “call tracking” services with either entity also have duplicate listings. You might consider making use of a service such as Yext, rather than stumbling around Superpages.

Duplicate listings are not good for Local search engine optimization. You need to remove, or combine, these listings. This can be a laborious effort, there is no doubt about it. You might consider hiring some help if you see that you do have duplicate listings.

Now you know how to update listing on SuperPages

If you are still having issues, reach out to me.