generate HVAC leads for your business

Generate HVAC Leads, Grow Your Heating and Air Business

New customers are the lifeblood of any HVAC company, and it’s vital that you keep a constant stream coming in.

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to grow your business.

Every contractor conference I attend, I am always asked, how to get HVAC leads?

You want to be able to gain as many new customers as possible in the shortest amount of time.

In the past, companies would use print advertising, circulars, or even go from door-to-door to educate potential customers on their services.

That just isn’t going to save you any time and money these days. The only way to increase the productivity of your heating and company is by making it possible for people to find you online.

If you’ve poured time, energy, and money into your marketing efforts without seeing the results you desire, it’s crucial that you step back and examine whether your strategy should be reassessed.

1. Get Involved In The Local Community

Growing your HVAC business means doing your part as a member of the local community.

Often, youth sporting teams and other community events need sponsorship funding to operate. By agreeing to sponsor these kinds of activities, your company can develop an identity in the community and generate goodwill.

This can lead to potential future customers with heating or air conditioning needs seeking you out.

2. Develop Partnerships With Other Small Businesses

Look around for other small businesses that might make a natural fit for a joint partnership.

Small contracting firms, for example, often need specialized HVAC assistance. With two businesses working together to refer customers back and forth, it’s likely that you’ll be able to open up some new avenues for leads that you hadn’t previously considered.

3. Utilize social media

Social media can drive new clients to your business.

Make sure you have a page for your business on  the most popular social networks

Social media mentions can also be leveraged for discounts, creating a strong incentive to spread the word.

Chances are, they aren’t just going to pick up the phone and call you though. They are going to go to your business page and start poking around. To get these leads to turn into a calls lead for scheduling of services, you have to have your page active, organized, and complete with easy to find contact information.

Some of the things that you must do to obtain HVAC service leads through social media include:

  • Talk with an authentic voice while corresponding with customers. Remain professional and never post something that you might regret later. Once it’s up there, it’s there to stay.
  • Provide your followers with HVAC tips and tricks for saving money. Give them quality content to read, don’t just blast them with a bunch of advertisements.
  • Promote posts and pay for ads to get in front of more eyes. It’s one of the quickest ways to obtain heating and air conditioning leads when people are “liking” your posts. It’s also effective at moving your content up in front of more users’ eyes.
  • Have an active presence in front of your targeted audience

4. Set Up a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

When you don’t have time to sit around and wait for HVAC leads, the pay-per-click method is going to be a practical option. I have found the cost of Facebook ads provide a great ROI.

There is going to be an upfront cost, but your company will be featured on Google searches for HVAC contractors in your area. They are the ads that you see when a user types in a specific keyword. You can usually find them either at the top or the bottom of the page. You get to set a budget, how much you are willing to pay to the max for your campaign, and the keywords you want your ad showing up for.

Say you are looking for heating and cooling leads, you are going to want to have your pay-per-click ad showing up when someone uses the keyword heating repair. Then, they will click on your campaign and be directed to your website.

5. HVAC marketing strategies through Effective Local SEO

Regardless of all the other methods behind getting a digital marketing strategy in place that works is having a website with effective Local SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is how you get your website to show up in the front spot when someone types in the keywords to the services that you are offering. Now, if you do not know SEO or how it works, there’s a wide variety of providers out there that can help you with it. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not all that difficult to figure out.

To get your HVAC leads with SEO, you need to make sure that the content on your page is going to rank high for Google.

There are specific factors Google looks for when scanning your website to make sure that it’s a quality one and something that they want to direct their users to.

You can’t have any copied content, you should continuously add fresh, new pieces of optimized content, and you should work with quality backlinking sources. It’s how you show your credibility in the heating and air industry. If you aren’t showing up on the first or second page of a potential customer’s keyword search, your HVAC lead generation is dead in the water.

It is going to be worth it in most instances to work with an SEO marketing vendor to build up your webpage. There have been companies that have hired a quality SEO expert and saw nearly a 1200% increase in the amount of traffic they were getting to their site in just three years. The more people you have visiting your website, the more HVAC leads that you are going to get naturally.

An image of the text social media with a background of 8 people

6. Stay On Top Of The Latest HVAC Technolgy

As much as specialization can help a reputation, falling behind the curve can harm it. Technology changes rapidly, even in the HVAC field. It is essential that you work to stay ahead of it.

While work experience and hands-on knowledge are extremely valuable, they don’t necessarily supplant the necessity of formal education. Make sure that you keep your eyes open for any classes which may be offered in your area that can help keep you up to date. Carve out a week or so of every year to polish your knowledge, and your reputation will benefit.

7. Network Within Professional Organizations

Though the idea of heading off to a clubhouse or a members-only meeting seems like an old-fashioned notion, such organizations remain a great place to network.

Even in areas where membership in those clubs may be dwindling, they often feel a great deal of appreciation for and loyalty to those people who help them maintain their numbers. That sense of belonging can become a real opportunity in many ways.

8. Aim for consistency in Branding

When you think about the ad campaigns that you remember from your youth, there are probably some that you can recite nearly from memory.

Many of these campaigns didn’t make such an impression because they were particularly creative or drafted by writers who were particularly skilled. Instead, longevity and repetition combined to create a strong impact on your mind.

That longevity means that any money you’re pouring into your HVAC marketing budget is creating returns far down the line. Once your brand is well established, the cost of paying for media might decrease as your impression continues to linger.

9. Always be Prepared for Business

Having some quiet time off the clock is an essential part of maintaining your quality of life.

But you need to be ready to leap at opportunities when they prevent themselves.

If you’re at the store, at a bar, or at any social function, carry your business cards. If your field comes up in conversation, it’s important that you’re ready to respond with an offer of help. Making sure people know that you can take on new projects is an integral part of drawing in that new business.

If a potential new customer decides to employ your services, it’s vital that they don’t find themselves disappointed by your response time. Many HVAC repair situations become emergencies in a hurry. When a home or work space is uncomfortable, it’s vital to have it addressed as quickly as possible.

As an HVAC contractor, that means you may need to invest in a dedicated line that’s solely used for emergency service calls. While you might regret not being able to unplug, you’ll likely regret that less than missing business opportunities.

10. Consider Alternate Media Advertising Options

For example, people still listen to the radio while driving. Many others subscribe to television services which are supported by local ads. If you haven’t considered the transformative power that can come from consistent advertising.

Often, local media companies have reasonable introductory rates that can give you access to the airwaves without paying exorbitant fees. This may even include covering some production costs, guaranteeing that your advertisements will come with a professional finish.

11. Maintain a Professional Image

HVAC work can be hot, dirty, and exhausting.

On a job site, it can be incredibly tempting to find moments of peace and relaxation anywhere you can and search for some relief. Unfortunately, that relief might reflect poorly on you or your business if a client misinterprets it. If you show your customers your best side, they’re far more likely to recommend you to others.

Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor Lead Generation Services

Following these suggestions should help generate new business and grow your customer base.

Considering exciting new ideas for building up your business will bring in new customers and allow your company to be a force for good in the community.  If nothing else, you can re-examine your marketing efforts with the confidence of knowing you reached out for real creativity.

But whatever you do, do not buy HVAC leads! This is a low-quality strategy that will be sure to leave you frustrated. Instead, develop a long-term organic marketing plan.