7 Tricks to Get More Clicks on Your Facebook Ads

Facebook can provide an effective medium to reach your target audience with video, image, and text advertisements.In fact, it is my go-to social media marketing strategy.

But how do you get more clicks on your Facebook ads?

The platform also affords a great deal of control over targeting and placement to maximize ads’ impact. However, the ability to get more clicks is what truly drives one of the best return on investment in social media advertising.

Highly targeted social media ads present a more complex set of challenges compared to Google Adwords.  Many businesses find the cost of Facebook ads lower than other online marketing platforms. Amazingly, I was working with a heating and air company marketing client last week, and he was paying $37 per click with Adwords.

Understanding the key nuances of strategically effective ads is the key to using this medium most effectively. Below are several tips to get clicks on your Facebook ads and maximize their impact on customer acquisition.

Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Ads

 Average CTR for Facebook Ads 2016

Target as Narrow of a Market as Possible

Wondering how to get more clicks on your Facebook ads? Facebook is known for providing a set of targeting options that dwarf other advertising media. Since the platform itself focuses on people making personal connections with others, an ultra-targeted approach is more appropriate here than a wide-range perspective. Making sure that your ads are seen specifically by those most likely to be interested in your brand is critical. Step #1 is to install the Facebook Pixel.

Right from the start, define your market as precisely as possible regarding age, location, interests, education, relationship status, and any other options the platform provides. Pay particular attention to the “interests” category.

Continually refine and add to the list of targeted interests to keep up with new trends in your target market. This will ensure that your brand is front and center alongside the newest craze that your market is following and optimize your digital ad spending.

Use after-sale surveys and customer feedback to continually learn more about the people who clicked your ads and spent money on your website. Then, use that information to further refine your ad targeting on Facebook to capture more of the same market.

Target Demographic

Targeting USA, Men and Women 25-55, that like Moz, Semrush, or Spy Fu

Use a Compelling Headline In Your Facebook Ads

Aside from images, the headline text of Facebook ads should be the first thing that a viewer notices. Thus, headlines can determine whether the viewer considers the remainder of an ad worth viewing, or whether he just returns to his Facebook feed. Remember the expected flow of viewers’ eyes and attention.

First, comes the headline, followed by the copy or images, finally leading to the call to action. Without the effective launching point of a strategically crafted headline, that journey can end before it begins.

Craft your headline in a way that instills a desire to learn more. Provide just enough information to make the viewer need to continue exploring the ad to sate her curiosity and understand what you’re offering.

Avoid using your brand name as a headline, unless you are targeting people who are already familiar and comfortable with your brand. Avoid naming your products in the headline, as well. In some cases, it may be effective to name your product category. For example, you wouldn’t want to use “XYZ Clothing Brand” or “XYZ Tees” in your headline, but something like “We’ve got the hottest new tees,” can lead to the inevitable question in viewers’ minds: “what are the hottest new tees? What do they look like?”

At the end of the day, these questions are more important to a potential customer than “who is selling them?” or “what are the product names?” These kinds of headlines can present an opportunity for you to communicate the way that your products fulfill the need that your headline exposed.

This can naturally lead to a desire to learn more and get more clicks on your Facebook ads.

Use Images Strategically

Compelling high CTR images are a key to gaining viewers’ attention long enough to draw them into your copy and increase the number of clicks per impression. Images can be more efficient at capturing web viewers’ limited attention spans. A strategic use of color can draw the eye and entice the mind to dwell on the advertisement for long enough for viewers’ to absorb your messaging, as well.

Avoid using stock images.

Instead, favor strategically designed images that uniquely convey your brand identity. Showcase high-quality product images where appropriate, and include several products with unique distinctions, if possible. Utilize color contrast to make the primary focus of your images stand out from their backgrounds.

Include images of people showing positive emotion, such as smiling or laughing, while holding or using your products. Understand the way that your images draw viewers’ eyes through a logical progression. Begin with something that compels them to view further, and end with your call to action. This is a key Facebook advertising strategy.

Use a Photo in Ad

Use the Right Call-to-Action Button

Create a Facebook ad built around your call to action has been proven to improve conversions. Using a call to action button has been shown to improve CTR on Facebook ads by over 80%. Select the call-to-action button that most closely corresponds to what you want your viewers to do.

Facebook currently offers five options for button text, ranging from “Shop Now” to “Download.” As much as possible, take this opportunity to make the CTA button an integrated part of the advertising message itself. Choose button text that flows naturally from the text and images the viewers have just digested.

Using the wrong CTA button text can dissociate the viewers from your messaging, as their subconscious wrestles with the discrepancy that their conscious mind may not notice.

It can also be helpful to include a first call to action in your ad itself. For example, if you use the “Learn More” CTA button, consider adding the same text inside your ad image. Do it in a way that is more attention-grabbing than the button itself. This provides two options to get clicks on your Facebook ads.

Users can either click the wording within the ad or the actual CTA button provided at the bottom of the ad. This also provides two opportunities to make the all-important suggestion that leads to a higher click rate.

Call To Action Button

How to increase click through rate? Instill a Sense of Urgency!

There are many ways to make viewers feel a sense of urgency that focuses them on your ad and almost forces them to make a decision. Time-limited offers and phrases such as “act now” or “while supplies last” are helpful. These can all give viewers the sense that they’ve stumbled across an opportunity that might not be there tomorrow.

A sense of urgency can overcome the temptation to act on a message later. This can avoid viewers forgetting that they meant to check out your brand or products when “later” finally comes. The key here is to make clicking on your ad more important than continuing to scroll through their feed right now.

Make them feel that it’s better to view your ad now and come back to their feed later, rather than the other way around. Remember that you only have a few seconds to move viewers to action. The action of clicking is more important to you than the act of informing.

You’ll have plenty of time to tell potential customers about your products after they’ve clicked the advertisement.

Appeal to Emotion When Advertising Through Social Media

Understand how your messaging makes people feel, and try to evoke compelling emotions that drive viewers to want to know more. Creating an intellectual appeal such as “Product X can help you communicate better with family” can be less effective to get more clicks. An emotional appeal such as “Do you want to make deeper connections with loved ones? We can help!” can be more effective.

At the end of the day, people develop relationships with their favorite brands based on how those brands make them feel. Deep at heart, all customers are looking for products that solve some an emotional need for security, safety, connectedness, or happiness. Craft your headlines and copy based on how it will make viewers feel. This will harness an instinctual drive to obtain what you have to offer, thus increasing the number of clicks your messaging generates.

Optimize Based on Analytics

Utilize advertising analytics within the Facebook ads manager to change your ad placement strategy over time. For example, after running your ad at different times for a few weeks, analyze the times of day that people view your ad the most. Then, target the placement for those specific times.

Examine changes in the click-through rate after every small move you make. This way, you can pinpoint and remember the changes that resulted in the most significant increases and make further changes in that same direction. This is yet another way to optimize your digital ad spending on Facebook.

Success in a Facebook advertising campaign is all about strategy and optimization. The goal is to not only reach your audience but drive clicks to your website that result in purchases and new customer relationships.

Optimize Based on Analytics

Facebook advertising cost per click is a key indicator of how your ad is performing

Get More Clicks on Your Facebook Ads With an Expert

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