How a Good Content Creator can Boost Your SEO

Many business owners assume that they need to focus on either SEO or content marketing to grow their business. However, these two things go hand-in-hand. They work perfectly together to give you a well-rounded SEO strategy.

In order for any content marketing strategy to be successful, it needs to be focused on both valuable content and SEO. A great content creator can provide a huge boost to your SEO by using a combination of both SEO techniques and valuable content.

How Can a Content Creator Help With SEO?

When most people think about SEO, their minds automatically wander in the direction of:

  • Responsive themes
  • Optimized websites
  • Title tags
  • Keywords

But here’s how a content creator can improve your search ranking:

Providing Visitors with Quality

There’s a lot of garbage on the internet. Many people will type a search into Google, open the first few results into new tabs, and close anything that doesn’t immediately look helpful.

For many businesses, it can be tricky to figure out how to go above and beyond the same generic information found on thousands of other sites. Such as HVAC marketing, you have a boring topic you need to make interesting and SEO friendly.


High Quality Content

An expert content creator will be focused on creating unique content that offers real value. It should be useful, different, and unable to be found elsewhere.

This means that when a visitor lands on your website, they take the time to read your content because they find it helpful. They may even stick around, bookmark your site, follow you on social media, or read some of your other content.

This shows Google that your content is doing its job- providing visitors with valuable information. This makes your site more likely to move up the search rankings.

By becoming an authority in your industry, you also increase your brand recognition. Visitors and potential customers or clients will be more likely to think of your business when they need to buy a product or service that you sell.

You also build customer loyalty. When you’ve provided lots of helpful information, customers often want to give back. This means they’re more likely to purchase from you when the time comes.

Using Keywords Naturally

Once you’ve completed your keyword research, you’ll know which keywords you want to rank for. An experienced content creator will be able to naturally weave these keywords into the content, without it looking spammy.

Google will penalize sites that use keyword stuffing techniques. Text that’s jam-packed with one keyword repeated over and over is awful to read. It’s also obvious to Google and they’ll ping your site- the opposite of what you had intended.

Ideally, your content creator will use the target keyword within the first 100 words of a blog post. They’ll also use it within an H2 tag, and sprinkled throughout the content. You should be looking for a keyword density between 0.5% and 2.5%.

A good content creator will write first and foremost for the people reading your content. They’ll use your keywords just enough to increase your SEO without risking Google’s wrath.

Creating Opportunities for Backlinks

Link building creates credibility. The more respectable websites linking to your site, the more credible it is in Google’s eyes.

Google’s algorithm knows that trustworthy sites are likely to link to other sites that they consider trustworthy. If your content creator is creating shareable content that has a chance of going viral (at least within your industry), you can earn a lot of backlinks.

backlinks with content marketing

One way to do this is through influencer outreach. Your content creator can also connect with other large websites within your industry, can get in touch and let them know about an article they may be interested in. If that influence links back to your site you will have built a reputable link.

This is an excellent way to increase your search ranking. But your content creator will need to be able to create content that will appeal to larger sites. This kind of content can:

  • Solve a unique problem
  • Give a different point of view into a situation
  • Be the first to break something newsworthy in the industry
  • Include an interview with someone well-known in the industry
  • And more

small business blog

Posting Consistently

Google appreciates fresh content and will rank you accordingly. Fresh content is rapidly indexed and will register higher in the rankings than older content.

Good SEO also requires a consistent output, so this is another example of where the two work well together. In order to succeed at content marketing, your content creator will need to consistently update your website (usually with a blog).

Ideally, you should aim to introduce new content at least 2-3 times a week. The more content you have, the more often you can:

  • Implement keywords
  • Connect with your audience
  • Increase your ranking

Each time your content creator posts a new article, look for opportunities to link within your site to other content. This makes it easier for Google to crawl your site and can ensure visitors stay on your site for longer.

Posting Substantial Content

Websites that rank the highest in Google also tend to have a large amount of content. A smart content creator will try to post longer blog articles every now and again. This is particularly important if they’re helping people with a specific problem. These articles tend to be more detailed and informative, and of course, have more room for keywords.

A smart content creator will try to post longer blog articles every now and again. This is particularly important if they’re helping people with a specific problem. These articles tend to be more detailed and informative, and of course, have more room for keywords.

It’s important to remember that longer content doesn’t always equal better content. No one wants to read someone rambling on for 2500 words. But if you can make an interesting point, offer substantial information, or delve deep into a topic, it will often do better than short, brief posts.




Content marketing will continue to get more competitive this year. More and more businesses are realizing how important content is for search rankings. Keep in mind that many small businesses are still not yet online, but will be soon.

If you want to keep your place in the search rankings or climb to the top place in Google, you need to implement a smart content marketing strategy. And it needs to include both SEO and content creation.