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Quetext Free Plagiarism Checker Tool Review

Review Updated For 2019

Quetext offers one of the leading plagiarism-recognition tools available on the market today.

Over 1 million professional and academic writers all over the world currently utilize this valuable program. You will have a tough time locating a better option to verify that content is original.

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Quetext combines their proprietary software with clear feedback to provide their users with all the means necessary to enhance and improve their writing.

What Is Plagiarism?

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Copying or imitating someone else’s work without permission, whether intentional or not, is defined as Plagiarism.

The ever-increasing amount of written content on the internet has made this issue even more prominent. The ability to check your work against others’ can help ensure that your content is original and stays original.

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Why Is It Important to Check for Plagiarism?

Thanks to the increase of written content as stated above, plagiarism has become even more common. As a writer, it’s your responsibility to ensure:

  • That your work is entirely original
  • That your work stays safe and secure and has not been stolen
  • If you hire writers, it is essential to check the work is not copied
  • It is simply unethical to take someone else’s work and claim it as your own.
  • Google hates copied content on your website; it is a very poor ranking signal.

All writers know how much hard work is involved in researching and producing exceptional content on a regular basis. For most, if not all of us, the idea of someone misusing our hard-earned content to benefit themselves is, well, infuriating.

And, yes, I’m putting that mildly. (Do thumb screws still exist?)

Additionally, the old-adage “Great minds think alike” also holds true.

If you have come up with a great idea to research and write about, there is a very genuine possibility that someone else has come up with the same or similar idea as well.

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When this happens, and it will, you can protect yourself and your work by running it through an online checker.

By doing so, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to adjust or modify your point of view. This will help you make sure your take on the topic is genuinely original.

Fortunately, the same internet that has brought us all new opportunities to make a living from writing has also provided us with convenient and simple solutions to dealing with plagiarism.

This is all thanks to the advent of plagiarism detection websites.

These online tools are a great way to ensure not only that your content will come across as original, but can also let you see if anyone else has already used it.

Note, it only checks for copied content, not Grammar. If you are looking for a grammar checking tool, read my review on Grammarly.

Quetext Review: Getting Started

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Quetext has set itself well above the other options by instilling a feeling of trust with its users.

At the heart of Quetext is their proprietary algorithm.

This has been successfully tested and re-tested with every update to maintain the highest quality standard of accuracy. Doing so ensures the integrity of its users and their work.

If you opt to invest in the Pro version,  you will gain access to even more that will make your entire writing or grading process even easier.

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Quetext Pro Features Include:

DeepSearchTM Technology

“Fine-tuned algorithms that dive deep into the internet, and millions of other sources.” That’s how Quetext describes the in-depth scanning process they call DeepSearchTM. It’s made possible through extensive compilations of 20 Million books, 35 Billion web pages, and 1 Million academic journals…and counting.

Multiple File Upload

Are you a teacher looking for a faster way to check your student’s research papers? The Multiple upload feature lets you skip the copy and paste process and upload five files to scan at once.

Unlimited Scans

No need to worry about using up your privileges. There is no limit to how many scans you can initiate in a month.

Individual Reports

This one is also good for educators at any level. Keep documentation of the results of each scan. Then print them out to attach to a grade, save for your records or delete them.

PDF Reports

Need to keep a permanent record of what your scans have found? Do that quickly by exporting your reports to a PDF for your files.

Increased Word Limit

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Writing a novel? No problem, check a whole chapter at a time. With the Pro version, you can scan up to 25,000 words (approx. 50 pages) in one go. The free version has a limit of 500 words. Input more than 500 words and this pops up.

Wrapping up our review of Quetext

If you search today for plagiarism scanners or checkers, you will probably find any number of results. Most of those will be free to use. While there are many plagiarism checker tools available, most provide only fundamental services and no extra features.

This is why Quetext has strived to escalate their services to an entirely new level. They have made it their mission to provide some tools and options no one else does.

Their wish is to make your plagiarism checking process go as smoothly as possible and ensure your content is original and stays protected. Another option to consider is Duplichecker.

Whether you are a content marketer checking content you wrote or purchased,  or a teacher having to grade those research papers, Quetext will provide you with a detailed search report pointing out specific areas of copied text.

Sign up for the free of quetext version today to get started.