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SEO Leads: $25,000+ month with 10 Simple Tips

Over the years I have witnessed hundreds of people trying to make it big in the world of SEO, only to fall short of their dreams because of poor execution or lack of a plan.

Building a successful SEO business requires more than spamming potential customers with emails or cold calls.  It involves creating a comprehensive business that is highly targeted toward particular clients.

Here we are going to investigate a simple ten-step lead generation marketing strategies process to help you build your clients up to $25,000+ every month.

Though it might seem far-fetched, this is a strategy that has been used by many agencies who have subsequently gone on to fabulous financial success. With the right approach, a monthly five-figure income is achievable without buying SEO Client Leads.

leads to prospects to customers

Remember, quality of quantity. Stick to quality SEO leads.

1: Choose A Niche, Focus on it, and Master it

When selling SEO services, make a unique value proposition clear to your customers. In other words, what’s so special about your company that a client should go to you and not one of your competitors?

If your business is targeting the “SEO market” in general, you’re going to find this tough. It will be hard to highlight anything that distinguishes your offering from the next, making you appear generic. So what can you do about it? 

One simple solution is to choose a niche which to focus. You can do this in one of two ways: either you can concentrate on a particular type of SEO service, or you can gear your services toward a particular industry.

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Take the car reseller market, for instance. Very few people in the second-hand car market will know how to do SEO effectively, and so they will go online, type in something like “SEO services in Alabama for car dealers” on their favorite search engine and then see what pops up.

If you are a generic local SEO company, then you will be lucky to appear on the first ten pages of results. However, if you are a targeted, niche SEO service which just so happens to focus on helping car dealers improve their presence online, then you are far more likely to gain traction.

But how do you know where your core competencies lie? If you write a blog, take a look at your blog analytics. Find out which posts generate the most interest and traffic. Levels of interaction are an excellent indication of the extent to which particular topics are engaging your audience, providing you with valuable information on their specific needs.

If you are an agency that wants to specialize in a particular service, think about which skills are most abundant on your team and what type of products you are best-equipped to provide. Is it link building? Analytics? Local SEO? Or technical support? 

All of these are potential areas of focus that can be used to get customers to convert initially.  

2: Partner Up With Local, Complementary Businesses


Many SEO entrepreneurs are under the impression that they have to go it alone and generate new customers through sheer personal effort. But, in the real world of business, getting new clients is far simpler than that. Think about making strategic partnerships. This is a great lead generation tactic I use for my plumbing clients.

One of the things that many top SEOs do is call up all related businesses in their area: PR firms, IT companies, and even social media development companies, and get them to pass on customers asking for SEO services. Every time they refer a client, they get paid a percentage of the SEO fee (which can be whatever you want, but usually 10 percent).

Partner Up With Local, Complementary Businesses

This is a win-win for everybody and a great way to generate leads. As an SEO service, you end up with additional clients without having to pay a fortune in marketing fees, the companies you work with getting paid commission for doing nothing, and customers get the services that they need.

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3: Write How-To Posts a Lead Generation Technique

If you’re just starting up an SEO agency, then it can be hard to get your content in front of your audience. Other than paying for it through paid advertising services, the only other way to do it is through creating content that people desperately need for a topic that is not yet saturated. Fortunately, with things changing so rapidly in the SEO landscape, there’s almost always something new that needs covering which is vexing business customers.

Many of your clients will choose to use your services as a direct consequence of exposure to your blog. People are impressed by blogs and video content, especially if it helps them get something done or improve their website. 

Building a niche blog, based on niche phrases and topics is, therefore, often very helpful – at least from the start. Once you have got a regular following and some substantial page authority, you can start expanding into more general areas, boosting your overall web traffic.

content conversion

The key to writing blog posts which convert is to make them simultaneously accessible, yet tricky to execute. 

You want to write something accessible because it will appeal to a wide range of clients. But you also want something that is relatively tricky to execute so that customers eventually come to you for help, even after having benefited from your content.

You will often find that clients will try to carry out your tips and advice, but will struggle to do so in a reasonable amount of time. This will then push them towards buying services from your business since you have already demonstrated your expertise and helped them through your content.

4: Link Websites You Work With To Your Own

When businesses look for ways to make their websites more successful, they often spend much time on their competitor’s sites, snooping around for possible tips and tricks. 

SEO agencies know this, which is why many of them include tags on the bottom of their client’s websites, showcasing their work.

Tagging websites with your SEO agency brand is an excellent way to highlight the fact that your organization has worked on successful sites. Potential customers will see your work and decide that they want some of your expertise for themselves.

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Suppose, for instance, you are a marketing agency from San Diego, and you want to rank highly for “Manhattan apartments.” Ranking high for a search like that is difficult, given the fact that there are hundreds of agencies all offering services in the Manhattan and New York area. If you happen to have a client that ranks highly for a keyword like that, however, then adding your name to the footer of their site is potentially a lucrative advertisement. Realtors from all around the New York area will see your success and flock to your business, wondering how you boosted a particular site’s ranking and whether you can do the same for them. What’s more, with proven success, you are in a much better position to charge higher fees.

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Be careful, though, not to fall foul of Google’s rules when using backlinks on your client’s sites. Too many backlinks from sites that are unrelated to your own could lead to a Google Penalty. To avoid this, consider varying your anchor texts and using no-follow links, making sure that you are only leaving your name on published sites as a way to advertise to potential clients, not to boost your SEO.

5: Use Trust Marketing To Generate Leads for SEO

building trust

Dr. Glen Urban, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, says that trust marketing is a type of marketing based on building relationships with customers focusing on “trustworthy dialogue and unbiased information.” But what does this actually mean for SEO services in practice?

It is about finding ways of generating trust-driven relationships that will build long-term clients for your agency. This means that you need to focus on content that showcases your expertise but doesn’t come across as “sales.” But how? Use Interviews.

Interviews are a great vehicle for promoting your SEO agency online

Why? Because they come across as objective and informative and they are tailored to your customer base. There are all sorts of platforms that allow you to generate interview-type content, included sites like Reddit, where members of the community are free to ask you questions about your services.

6: Become An Industry Speaker

public speaking

People are constantly on the lookout for experts in their field: individuals who can help them solve a particular problem. For this reason, becoming an industry speaker, either online or off, can be a great trust marketing tool. Showcasing your knowledge is an indirect way of selling yourself, your business and your product to your audience, and increasing engagement with your blog.

7: Help Out Potential Customers With Useful Tips And Tricks

help to get clients

The top SEO’s in the world send their client’s actionable emails for free. 

Though it is a time-consuming process, they know that if they can add value to their customers through a simple email, they are much more likely to consider using their services in the future. 

Customers will interpret simple emails that make a big difference to their SEO as a sign that you know your stuff and that your premium services are worth paying for. A simple example of this is my 10 tips to in your SEO business to $25,000 a month.

8: Offer Related Packages

Potential clients reject services from SEO agencies all the time. But just because they said “no” once, doesn’t mean you should give up. Although you were not able to sell them on the first service you tried, that does not mean that they cannot benefit from other related packages.

Cross-selling can be very useful, especially when you do your research. Often you will find many clients who would otherwise have skipped over your other marketing funnels, come to your business through these new channels.

9: Leverage Influencers In Your Industry

influencer marketing

Another way that SEOs can build trust with their clients is to appeal to big players in the industry, like Dell, GE, Microsoft, Bank Of America and so on. 

Having well-recognized brands on your books acts as a vote of confidence in your services and is a signal to other potential customers that you are the real deal. Make sure that you showcase all your prestigious clients, either on your blog or through your website. This should help to speed up the decision to use your services and trust your brand.

Trust marketing, therefore, can be thought of like a roundabout way of generating additional quality free leads for your business through creating the perception among customers that you are a genuine, authentic business able to deliver value. 

Given the perception among many businesses that some SEO agencies are scammers, SEO services need to focus wholeheartedly on building trust with their clients. Trust, in many ways, is their number one obstacle to doing more business and generating five-figure monthly revenues.


10: Master You Own SEO And City Ranking

If you get your SEO right (which you should as an SEO agency), then you stand to benefit enormously. But SEO is difficult. There are all sorts of horror stories about agencies who tried to climb the ranks using blackhat methods, only to discover later that they had been punished by Google and were now languishing all the way down on page four of the search results.

frisco seo expert #1 ranking

“Frisco SEO Expert” #1 ranking

To avoid this fate, use white hat SEO methods. Start off by writing relatively long posts, like this one. 2,000 words plus of reasonably well-written prose is optimal for search engines, providing them with plenty of information to decide whether or not your content applies to the target keywords. 

Keep the language simple and natural so that it is easy for your audience to digest.

aster You Own SEO And City Ranking

Second, make sure that you dedicate a page to every service you offer. Too many SEO companies – and businesses in general – bundle a bunch of different services on one page. 

If you offer pay-per-click, web development,  and app development services alongside your regular SEO services then provide each of these with their own page.

Finally, make sure that you use the exact keywords you are targeting in your URL. Google and other search engines still take these into account when considering relevance.

Now Over to You….

So there you have it: my 10 steps to generate $25,000+ a month for your SEO services business.

With this process, your SEO agency should be well on its way to double-digit growth. What is your #1 SEO lead generation strategy?